Sunday, June 30, 2013

Georgia Wedding

Last weekend I took a solo trip to Atlanta for Kelly & JP's wedding! Kelly is Janet's best friend since they were young, and Janet was a maid-of-honor in the wedding. Kelly is like our fourth sister since she used to go on vacations with us and always comes to visit Janet wherever she's living. They have been great friends to on another and have kept in close touch despite the fact that they've lived in different states for most of their friendship now.

I got to Atlanta early in the morning because my flight left Tulsa at 6 am. My Dad picked me up at the airport since my Mom and Janet were at the bridal luncheon. My Dad and I got some breakfast and did some shopping at Lennox Square Mall. I can't remember the last time just my Dad and I hung out. It was fun! We also grabbed some lunch before heading back to the hotel to meet my Mom and Janet. We relaxed for awhile, worked out, and then got ready for the rehearsal dinner. The dinner was at an old mansion in downtown Roswell. We had BBQ to eat, got to meet & see Kelly's family, and just chatted and hung out for the night.

On Saturday, my Mom wanted to go to the mall, so we went again. :) I got a few more things that I must have missed on Friday. Haha, but I really haven't done much shopping since we were in New York in February! We went back to the hotel to relax, workout, and get ready for the wedding that night.

The ceremony was very pretty and special. They had a lot of family involved in the ceremony which was neat to see. Janet did great in here MOH duties. The reception was at a different mansion back in downtown Roswell. They had good food and a band that everyone really enjoyed. There was a lot of dancing going on!

Kelly & JP are such a cute couple, and I was happy that I was able to make it for their special day.

While I was in Atlanta, Cole and Tony were enjoying some bonding time. Tony took Cole over to Arkansas for Stacy's golf tournament on Saturday and stayed the night. I think most of the pictures I got involved Cole getting treats. :)

I know they had a good time together, but I'm hoping they were ready to see me too!

We left Atlanta pretty early on Sunday because my parents and I were going to Arkansas to watch the final round of the NW Arkansas golf tournament in Rogers. Tony and Cole picked us up at the airport and we had some time to relax until Stacy played.

Cole convinced my Dad to take him to Target to get the train he's had his eye on every time we've been!

It's been one of the best toys ever! Cole loves pushing the train all around the track and going over the bridge and under the tunnel.

We watched all of Stacy's round (with a few hole break so Cole could play with the train). It's always a fun place to watch Stacy play because she gets a ton of love from the Hog fans. She had a good top 5 finish also. We helped Stacy pack up and make her flight on time as well as get all of our stuff together before heading back to Tulsa with my parents. They flew from here early Monday morning to head back home. It was a long weekend with many activities, but it was fun to spend time with family and friends!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blueberry Picking

The spring had been usually cool around here, so we weren't able to do any blueberry picking until last week. The temps were in the 90s last week, so Cole and I went to go picking very 7:30 am early at Thunderbird Berry Farm. Cole is up anyways, and we wanted to get out before it got really warm outside. We got our two buckets and found some good spots with ripe berries and started picking. Cole only picked a few and was over it. So I had to do the rest while keeping my eyes one him. He did the same thing last year, but now he's faster!

Cole enjoyed running around the rows of berry bushes and getting his shoes dirty in the mud. He even found some big piles of dirt to play in. Luckily, the mess stayed mostly on his shoes which looked like this at the end of our time there.
Even with Cole not being very into the whole thing, I managed to get a couple pounds of blueberries to take home. Cole was cracking me up because he was getting mad when I was pulling berries off the bushes. He was saying "No Mommy, leave them on!" Haha. Another thing that he loved, that is probably the only way I'll get him to go again, was the fact that there were tons of tractors out there that he could check out.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pool Party

Another fun summer pastime at our house is playing in the pool. We just have a little blow up pool, but it does the job. Cole doesn't care how cold the water coming out of the hose is either. He just jumps right in.
He was just getting started in these pictures, but he was eventually lining up at the fence, running down the little hill, and sliding headfirst into the pool. He was having the greatest time!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We made our own juice popsicles last week to try out the molds my Mom bought us last summer. Cole had some funny faces going on when he was eating his first one. It's been nice and hot here, so it was a nice cold treat.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Present

One of Cole's presents to Daddy was to update the pictures in the frame that we did for him last year! I kind of forgot and scrambled last minute to get them done, but they turned out pretty cute. There may or may not have been some bribing with fruit snacks going on. :)

These are the pictures from last year. I can't believe how much he's grown and changed in a year. It's easy to forgot how small he was since they change so much!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Woodlands Trip - Week & Weekend #2

The rest of our trip to The Woodlands was spent visiting friends all over Houston. I forgot to mention that before Tony left, we drove to our friends Johnny & Katie's house to see them and their new little girl, Emma. She was so sweet and tiny! We went to a park where Cole played on the slides and was on the swing forever. Then we went out to lunch at a place near their house. I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy holding Emma! :) Cole didn't love that idea and wanted me to hold him too!

We spent one day just chilling out at my parents' house. We went to the park, played in the pool, etc. Then our first visit was to see Sarah and her three kiddos, Ryanne, Rhett, and Evelyn. We went to the "raccoon park" where the kids played and ran around for a long time. Cole and Evelyn are about 4 months apart in age and were little buddies.
Then by some miracle we got all 4 kids to pose for a picture! We got a few cute ones too!
Then there were some silly faces, of course.
After our play time, we went to Chick-fil-a (or "chicken place" as Cole calls it) for lunch. The kids played in the play area for a long time here too. It was Cole's perfect day!
The next day, Cole and I drove out to Katy to see Alyssa and her son, Grant. Grant is almost 1 1/2. We went to their house and played with cars and trains, walked to a park, and when we got too hot, headed out to lunch at Panera. We had a great time seeing them and tried to stay as long as we could stretch it because we don't see them very often.
This is how Cole looked pretty much every afternoon or drive home from our play dates!

On Friday, we visited with my old teaching partner, Leila and her son Bryson (6 months). Cole got into everything at Leila's house...dumped the dog's water on the floor, broke an egg that he got out of the refrigerator, got into the dog food, just to name a few! Sorry Leila! Bryson's not crawling yet, so it showed Leila what she had to look forward to. :) We also had lunch with my Dad, who was back in town from work, and my Mom at Jason's Deli before heading home for naps.

Cole got a few new cars this week too. Here he is playing with Jeff Corvette and eating yummy Trader Joe's white cheddar popcorn.
We spent a lot of time in the pool, and Cole warmed up to the idea A LOT compared to where we started. He loved playing in the hot tub because he could walk around the seats. He would even get in by himself, put his face in, blow bubbles, and let me push him under water towards the side. We got him to go into the big pool more willingly. He was jumping off the side to my Dad as well! Saturday we played in the pool for 2 hours! It was night and day compared to the weekend before.

Cole made one more trip with my Mom to the park when I was out running one morning. That's one thing (of many) that's so nice about The Woodlands. There are parks with every neighborhood that a great for kids of all sizes.

Here we are excited to fly on the airplane! Having his own seat was awesome and he watched a movie and played with his cars perfectly! He did so well on the flight and in the airports!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Woodlands Trip - Weekend #1

We drove down to my parents' house in The Woodlands the Friday that I was done with school. Tony was with us until Tuesday morning. Cole and I stayed until the following Sunday. While Tony was with us, Cole got to spend some time at the neighborhood park.

The three of us and my parents met up with Tori, Nik, Lukas, and Tori's parents to play at the Waterway splash park and then go to Lupe Tortilla for dinner. The boys were funny at the splash park because they really didn't play in the water or with each other. They went their separate ways and played with monster trucks. They were pretty cute playing around the fountain at Lupe Tortilla though. I think they actually remembered each other from Tori and Lukas being at our house just a month ago.

This was also Cole's first opportunity to get in the pool since last summer. It was so warm and humid the water felt good. Cole was NOT happy about getting in the water. We pretty much had to force him in, and he was crying for the side the entire time. Luckily this didn't last the whole trip.

We had one task we needed to get done this weekend, and that was getting Cole fitted for his tux for the wedding he's going to be in this summer. My cousin, Jason, is getting married the weekend after July 4th in Cleveland, OH. Cole wasn't sure what was going on, but then he started to like all the attention.

We went to one of Tony's favorite places, Willie's, for dinner afterwards for some onion rings and burgers (or chicken for Cole and me).

With Tony and my Dad around my Mom and I were able to do a little shopping, and we could run some errands while Cole was napping. It was nice having some other sets of hands around. Cole loves his Nina and Pop Pop too!

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