Saturday, May 18, 2013

Last Weekend's Update

My parents came to visit us last weekend. My Dad came on Thursday night and was the #1 Pop Pop and watched Cole while we went to work on Friday. The watched Finding Nemo, went to the park, played and ate. 
My Dad also watched Cole while we went to the dedication prep class at church. Cole was going to be dedicated on Sunday, which was why my parents came. Before we went to the class, we had dinner at Charleston's. 
After class, we quickly went to pick up my Dad and Cole to go to the airport and pick up my Mom. We shared our Mother's Day cake!

We didn't have any plans for Saturday, so we decided to go to the zoo. We used out Zoo Pass for the second time already. 

We had to ride the train!

It was pretty crowded already, so we rode to the back again and saw all the big animals. We got to hear the lion roar again, and he knocked over this big metal trash can that went crashing into the concrete moat in front of their habitat. Cole's still talking about it!  He even tells people we don't know about the trash can an the lion. 
We visited the tall giraffes. 
We saw the huge tortoise getting fed all their veggies. 
We laughed at the funny flamingo pose. 
Cole an Pop Pop taking a stroll. 
We also had to ride the carousel again. This time Cole was one of the first ones on, so he was able to snag his favorite shark. 

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