Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dallas Golf Tournament Weekend

Last weekend we drove to Dallas to watch Stacy play in an LPGA tournament at Las Colinas Country Club and to see my parents for a few days. We left on Thursday after work, and made the 3 1/2 hour drive. It took us a little bit longer because we definitely got to Dallas for some rush hour traffic. We also stopped in Plano to go to the Trader Joe's to get some snacks for the weekend. We love us some Trader Joe's! By the time we got to our hotel (Holiday Inn & Suites) it was dinner time. We met my parents and Stacy at the Papa's BBQ nearby before we checked in and unpacked.!

We bought Cole a little inflatable bed to sleep on for our travels this summer. He hasn't slept in anything except a crib or pack-n-play, so we were a little nervous about how this was going to go. We didn't have any other options though because he's too big for the pack-n-play anymore. Well, the first night was a pretty tough one. It took him an hour and a half to fall asleep. We tried everything...laying down with him, laying beside the bed, leaving him by himself, letting him lay in our bed, but nothing was working. The last thing I did was sit on the couch beside his bed and just put him back down when he got up for the millionth time. He finally laid down and went to sleep!
Friday morning, we got up when Cole got up, had some breakfast, and went for a run. My parent watched Cole while we went around lots of parking lots for 4 miles. Stacy played in the afternoon which kind of hurt Cole's chances of coming out to watch for very long. He takes a nap around 1:00 right when she was tee-ing off. So, my Mom offered to stay with him so Tony and I could go out and watch. A friend of Tony's from OU, Kara was going to come out and watch too, so it worked out well that day. We grabbed some lunch, Mom and Cole included, at a Corner Bakery before they went back to the hotel and we went to the course. I hadn't been there before, but they have some good monster cookies!

My Mom didn't have too much trouble getting Cole to nap. She did the same thing and sat right by him and got him calmed down. He went to sleep fairly quickly after that. After Cole woke up from his nap, my Mom brought him out to the golf course for the last two holes. He was NOT very good! It was partly my own fault for letting him out of the stroller. We learned our lesson there. He literally tried to run out to Stacy on the golf course and started screaming.

Tony and Cole were both sporting their Master's polos from Stacy though! At least Cole looked the part.
After the round, he was still running all over the place and went out on the putting green with Stacy. He was gathering as many balls as he could fit in his hands and dropping them in the holes.
Then he got ahold of Stacy's putter! I think the pictures speak for themselves, but everyone needed to stand back!
Stacy and her coach, Joe, finally got him to focus on hitting the ball the right way for a few shots. It was Cole's first lesson...glad Joe didn't charge us for that one!

We finished pretty late in the day on Friday and were ready to get something to eat. We picked a pizza place in the area which reminded my parents of a place called Crust in The Woodlands. I think the name of this one was Palios Pizza. It was really good though. We just hung out in the hotel room the rest of the evening and played with Cole. He went to bed in about 20 minutes this night! He did awesome!

Saturday morning, Stacy was playing in the morning. Cole was loving staying in the hotel and was playing in the suitcases that morning.
We ate breakfast and the hotel again, but had to get moving to get out to the course for the earlier tee time. We took Cole in the stroller only(!) for about four holes and left because we knew he was going to need lunch and a nap in a few hours.
The three of us found a shopping center with a Target and got a few things before we went to lunch at a Freebirds. There's one here in Tulsa, but kind of far from out house, so we usually are Chipotle go-ers. Freebirds was yummy though. We had burritos and Cole had a quesadilla.

We played cars while we were waiting for Tony to order all the food. He's such a nice Dad!
I stayed with Cole while he napped this day. Tony went back out to the golf course to meet up with my parents and finish watching Stacy's round. I read a few magazines and just relaxed for a few hours. It was pretty nice. Once everyone got back, we hung out at the hotel for a little bit and talked about where we were going to go for dinner. We decided on Champs. The food was pretty good...service was a little interesting and awkward!

That evening, Cole had some guest readers for bed time stories!
Sunday, we did our usual breakfast at the hotel, but Tony and I squeezed in another run before we had to get out to the golf course while my parents watched Cole again. This time we planned to stay out for the first nine and leave after that to start our drive home.
Cole really did a great job of hanging out in the stroller and being quieter. We bought some suckers that seemed to keep him occupied. He also fell asleep for a little bit.
At the turn, we said our goodbye's to my parents and Stacy. We let Cole run to Stacy while she was walking, which was pretty cute. It got a big smile out of both of them.

We needed to get some lunch and just couldn't pass up an In-N-Out Burger! Cole and I got grilled cheeses while Tony got his huge burger and lots of fries for everyone! I think Cole had more fries than anything.
We made one more stop at the Trader Joe's to get a few more things that we didn't get on Thursday and packed up our cooler with hummus, yogurts, pizza dough, etc. for the drive home. Cole did great on the drive and slept a little bit. We didn't escape a trip without diaper issues though. We had a mess happen when we were about 45 minutes from home. I'll spare the details, but at one point Cole had on no clothes and was standing in the grass getting water poured on him. All in the life of a parent! We survived, and he was feeling better the next day.

We had a good time getting out of town and seeing my family for a few days. The hardest part about traveling with a toddler is eating out every meal, without a doubt. We've gotten a little more used to the fact that we are on a schedule and no one else is...we just usually don't eat out so much and have to worry about Cole sitting and making it through. Cole did a great job after the first night with sleeping on his new bed. He would fall asleep in like 15-20 minutes and wouldn't wake up until around 7:00 the next morning. We can live with that! We know the next golf trips we have planned will be a little bit easier because we'll be staying at houses and will have a little more space to work with. It was a learning trip for us, but worth it to see my parents and Stacy. We even got to watch Stacy play and enjoyed walking the course in nice weather.

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