Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zoo Trip

We visited our Tulsa Zoo on Saturday this weekend. Cole and I went a few weeks ago with Tori and Lukas. Cole has been talking about going back to ride the choo choo ever since. Saturday was really nice weather, and we had no other plans. We got there pretty early (before 10) and ended up getting a zoo pass for the year. I have a feeling we'll be going back a lot this summer too.

We started out with riding the train! Cole was pumped about this. He told us that was his favorite part of the zoo. The train was only running one way with it being Saturday and more crowded, so we rode the train around to the back of the zoo.
It worked out great because we spent last time at the back of the zoo on our last trip, and it was less crowded because most people had not made it to the back of the zoo yet.
There was a little boat that Cole wanted to get in and drive for a little bit. He told us he was going across the lake!
We saw a few of the big animals first. We got to hear the lion roaring again! It was pretty awesome! We also saw a bear and tiger.
We watched the penguins swim for awhile. We even saw one poop in the water...eeewww! I didn't post that picture, you're welcome!
Next we headed over to the giraffe area. There's a hut that you can go up in to see the giraffes at their eye level. This was my favorite part because one of them came right over to us!
We started making our way towards the front of the zoo and through some of the different buildings. Cole wanted to point out all the letters he knew.
Cole was starting to wear down and get a little tired, so we promised a ride on the carousel before we left. That sparked his interest and he got to ride with Tony. He wanted to ride the same shark he rode last time, but another kid was already riding. So he settled on the cool leopard.
We barely made it to the car just in time before he crashed! He slept in the car while we picked up lunch and drove home. He was worn out! It was a really fun little morning and something we'll be doing again soon!

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