Friday, March 22, 2013

The Two Year Update

It's time to tell you all about the Cole Man these days! He tells you that he's going to be "two in March" and that day has come. Now we need to tell him he only needs to say the "two" part! Our favorite thing so far about this stage is all the talking he's doing. He cracks us up with the things he comes up with. He's pretty much talking non-stop. It does have a downside because he can be a little bossy telling us what he wants or doesn't want to do or even what he wants us to be doing! He speaks pretty clearly and is adding more sentences and phrases every day. He quotes parts of Cars, sings songs, says his ABC's, counts to 10 (plus a few other random numbers like 16 and 45), and knows colors but not super accurate at identifying them. He knows quite a few letters when he sees them and will say their sounds. He's just a little sponge! He hears something once and repeats and uses it correctly. We wonder where he picks up some of the things he says. We don't really say bad words anyways, but we have to be careful of what we say around him these days. Like him saying "Go Lady" when we are waiting in line at the drive thru today.

He's wearing size 6 diapers...thinking about potty training this summer maybe? He's in 2T and some 3T shirts for the summer and a size 7 or 8 shoe depending on the style. He still has a little wide foot so not every shoe style works.

Cole loves being active. He enjoys going to the park or going outside to play. He's a good little runner, but can fall if he's going downhill too fast! He climbs and has a little interest in throwing a ball. I can't wait to see how much he likes the pool this summer. I think he's really going to have fun.

He is also obsessed with cars of all types! That is his main toy of choice. He has a few favorites, like McQueen and Taxi Cab, but others get into the rotation as well. He likes driving his cars on tables, on toys with ramps or tracks, on his crib railing, etc. Cars also fly through the air and do other tricks too. He eats, sleeps, and breathes cars! Since he likes cars so much, we let him watch the Cars movie, and it's been all over since then! He wants to watch it every day, all day if we would let him!

Another thing Cole loves to do is FaceTime! He asks to "FaceTime Mommy" whenever I call someone he knows and wants to talk to. He gets a kick out of seeing the person he's talking to. He's getting better about having a conversation and hanging around to actually talk to the person too. He likes to pretend call Nina (my Mom) on anything that looks like a phone and talk to her.

Cole is still a pretty good eater, although he's starting to be more opinionated about it. He also really likes sweets, cookies mostly. So we have to make sure that they are out of his reach in the kitchen. He likes fruits and veggies, but doesn't always want to eat them now. Sometimes he'll finish his entire plate and other times he'll just pick and only eat what he feels like eating. I'm hoping it's just a phase!

We've started to see some of the tantrum phase lately. He definitely knows what he wants and can get upset and worked up if he doesn't get his way. Sometimes we can talk him out of it and on to something else and other times it's not happening. For as stubborn as he can be, he is equally as sweet! He's a good helper and loves putting clothes in the hamper, starting the dishwasher, carrying things to the table, holding things for Mommy, etc. He gives lots of hugs, kisses, and snuggles too. Sometimes I miss the days of holding him and carrying him around...he's just too heavy (and independent) now! He's constantly wanting Tony and I to see what he's doing. He'll say "Daddy, show this" or "Mommy, show you stuff" when he wants our attention. We hear that A LOT these days, but it's fun to see what he thinks is so cool that we just have to see it too!

Here's the cutie right after his 1st Birthday and now 2nd Birthday!

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