Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

We've had a nice Easter weekend and continued a few traditions from last year with the Cole Man. On Saturday, we had plans of doing a 10k run in Bartlesville. Cole was going to hang out at our friends, Kevin & Caroline's house, with their two boys while we did the run. We got up early, checked the weather because there was a chance of rain, and decided it looked good and went for it. About 15 miles or so from Bartlesville, a huge dark set of clouds roll in with thunder, lightening, and hard rain. It was so dark, we almost turned around and went home. But we called Kevin and Caroline and decided we would just come up there and decide if we wanted to run or go to breakfast. It was still dark and raining, so we decided to do breakfast with them instead. So we skipped out on a rainy run and went to this Copan Truck Stop to eat. Kevin and Caroline sold us on the awesome cinnamon rolls. And they did not disappoint!

The boys were really pretty good. They loved the cinnamon rolls too! We are looking forward to the summer when we can get together and play more often.

After breakfast, we stopped off at Tony's friend, Shawn's house to get our race t-shirts, visited for a bit, and drove home. Of course, by this time the weather was awesome! Figures! We both ended up running once we got home. Cole took a nap, and we went to Easter Service at 4:30 on Saturday night. Our church was offering two Saturday and three Sunday services. We decided to do Saturday night since we had to get up so early that morning, we could sleep and hang out at home a little more on Sunday instead. Plus it's easier to get Cole going in the afternoon. :)

We got all dressed up and headed to church. Here are a few pictures from our pre-church photo shoot!

We heard a great message. Tony and I were talking about how we love the story of Easter even more than Christmas (to compare the holidays). :) Cole played at his class and semi did the craft they were supposed to do. He's not showing much interest in arts and crafts just yet...except if it's painting and making a mess. :) Then we went out to dinner together at Charleston's. It's a great place for us to go because the food is really good, and they have a nice kids menu with food Cole likes too. It's family friendly with out being cheap. Cole even sat in a booster in the booth with us. He thought that was pretty special.

Sunday morning we slept in until Cole woke up and started our brunch menu. We like to make a frittata, bacon, and croissants (from Sam's of all places). The Easter bunny "hid" Cole's basket, but he had no trouble finding it. We'll have to tell the Easter bunny to make it a little harder next year.

We played until breakfast was ready, ate, and then decided it was time to break out Cole's other new present...a little tricycle! It was partly his birthday present and part Easter present since he got it this weekend. We wanted him to have a bike to work on pedaling and steering on his own. We found this Schwinn at Sam's too.

He stuck with it for a little while and had a few times where he was pedaling well on his own. I think in a few months, he'll be cruising all on his own!

After lunch, we did a little egg hunt in our back yard like we did last year. I put little fruit snacks or little animal cookies in each egg for some motivation. It didn't take him long to figure that out and was pumped when he found another snack in the next egg. He found all the eggs and didn't really need much help finding them either.

Now my favorite part...a comparison to Easter's past! This is Cole's third Easter since he was about one month old for his first Easter. He's changed so much!
2012 (1 year old)

2011 (almost 5 weeks old)

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