Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cole's Construction Party

Last weekend we celebrated Cole's birthday with a little party with family and a few friends with little ones. We had his party a little early because Stacy was going to be here and it was a good weekend for my parents too. Cole loves trucks, especially dump trucks, bulldozers, and excavators! So we went with that for the theme. Here are some of the decorations around the house.

We had lots of food for everyone. We had a cake and mini cupcakes, BBQ for sandwiches, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, chips, veggies, and dips. We had to keep someone on food duty before everyone got here because Cole kept trying to get into the cake and cupcakes!
We wanted to have something for the kids to do. We had five kids over, including Cole, with ages ranging from 1 to 3. They had a fun time playing with Cole's toys and watched a little bit of Cars (Cole's recent obsession) while they were playing.

We also had dump truck sugar cookies for the kids to frost and decorate. We tried to get them to do more than one so they could take them home, but the Moms ended up with that job. As soon as one was frosted, it was getting eaten!

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy! He sang along too!

I love this picture of Cole and Pop Pop having birthday cake.

Cole had a few presents to open from his friends. He did a great job opening - even better than he did at Christmas, and wanted to open everything and play right away! Moms of boys know what little boys like to play with!

It was a fun, low key party and I think all the kids and adults had fun. We had fewer people than at his 1st birthday, but it was nice because we had more time to sit and visit with everyone that was there. Plus it was more kid centered since they were all a little older this year. We did have lots of food left over and had a few days of BBQ sandwiches and lots of cake, but we had extra visitors that helped us eat it all up! We have a special day planned for the man on Monday, his actual birthday. We want to make it all about him and the things he likes to do. So, we are really looking forward to that in a few days!

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Gina and Michael said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Cole! Super cute party theme. May have to borrow in the future! ;-)

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