Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cole and Lukas Time

My friend for high school and former teaching friend, Tori and her little boy Lukas came to visit us in Oklahoma! Her husband is doing some Army training in Lawton and they were finally able to go see him. Since we're a few hours from there, they took an extra day for their trip and stayed with us. They drove up on Tuesday. So Tuesday evening, we just had time for a quick trip to the park and dinner. Our two little cuties got some bath time together.
Lukas started dumping the water on Cole, and Cole was cracking up. Lukas is about 5 months older than Cole, but they are really in the same stages. So it was really fun to see two of them running around and playing together.
Even when the water is running out...the bath is still the place to be!
I took off work on Wednesday to spend the day with them. Of course, both of them are into a few shows now. They were watching OSO on the iPad here.
They also had a fun time jumping on the bed!

We managed to keep them off the shows except that one time because we went to the ZOO! I hadn't been to the Tulsa Zoo with Cole yet. The weather had gotten much nicer. So we figured, why not. Tony and I went to the zoo a few years ago with Tony's sister and her little girl. We weren't too impressed during that visit. But this visit was totally the opposite! So many animals were out and about this time!
The boys were pumped about the reptiles!
The petting zoo was also a pretty fun spot.
Lukas really wanted to ride the carousel. Cole had never ridden one before. I was really surprised when he was ready to hop right on an animal and ride! He loved it...especially when the music started.
We could have spent a lot more time at the zoo, but it was getting to be lunch time. So we hit the highlights of the rest of the zoo and headed to Chick-fil-a for some lunch. I think I might be using Cole as an excuse to go there all the time now. :)
The boys had a little nap while Tori and I got to visit a little bit longer. Then they started getting their stuff ready for the drive to Lawton. Tori and Lukas wanted to be there the night before so they would have the entire day to spend at the Army base. It was a short visit, but so much fun! Cole has been asking for Lukas for the past few days and loves talking about their trip to the zoo. It was so nice of them to come see us, and we appreciate their friendship so much!

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