Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Cakes, Cookies!"

We went to a birthday party this morning for a little girl that Cole goes to daycare with, Mia. Cole and Mia are buddies because she gets to the babysitter's at the same time as Cole, and they hang out and watch a movie in the morning. Cole has been talking about going to Mia's birthday party all week! He says "Mia birthday party, cakes, cookies". I even heard him saying it from his crib this morning when he woke up.

They rented the Fun Bus which is a school bus that's been emptied out and replaced with mats and toys for the kids to play on. Cole basically did his own thing and wasn't interested in the group activities. He was one of the younger ones, so it's ok. He did really enjoy the slide at the end. It was attached to the emergency exit door. I think he went down about five times!

Cole was always wanting to check up on Mia. She didn't really want to partake in the fun on the bus, and went inside after awhile. Cole kept wanting to get off the bus to find her. We would walk in the house, he would see her, and then be ready to go back to the bus and play. I guess he just wanted to make sure she was okay. A few other kids from Cole's daycare were there too, so it was fun for them to play together. We had a great time. Cole did get his cake in the end too! I think he was yelling "CAKE!" while I was getting his piece for him. Silly little man.

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