Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Birthday Boy

Our sweet little man turned the big 2 yesterday! Tony took the day off work and I'm on Spring Break. We spent the day doing fun things that Cole loves to do. We went to Krispy Kreme for a donut...chocolate sprinkles of course!
The next stop was the "bouncy place". Cole just runs around from toy to toy until he crashes. He loves to go down the slides, play in the balls, and jump in the castle.
Next, it was on to Chick-fil-a for chicken nuggets for lunch. Cole likes to dip everything in ketchup or Polynesian sauce, his two favorites. It was fun to go out to lunch together during the week too.
We headed over to Merritt's (sensing a food theme here?) to pick up some cookies and cupcakes for after dinner. We wanted to sing "Happy Birthday" again after dinner for him, but he didn't do a very good job on his dinner and didn't get the cupcake after dinner. We might have to try again tonight instead. :)

Cole opened a few presents on his birthday. My parents got him Cars and Cars 2 on DVD that got here after they left. So we saved them to open on his actual birthday. Tony and I got him a stuffed OSO (see below if you don't know who OSO is)! :)
OSO is a Special Agent and Cole loves his show. Besides Cars, OSO is it! When OSO comes into a scene he usually parachutes or does something cool, but then he falls or gets covered with the chute or something and he says "It's all part of the plan...more or less." Well, we figured out that when Cole was falling by accident or on purpose, he was saying "It's all plan"! Haha! Now he's added the "more or less" part! The little man has a good memory! OSO has been a hit so far. He's been sleeping in the bed with Cole and even got his own blanket and car to sleep with last night. It's pretty cute!

Happy Birthday to our cutie!! We hope you had an awesome birthday!!

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