Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Tony and I ran the Sweetheart Run in downtown Tulsa on Saturday. It's a Fleet Feet race with a 5k and 10k. We decided to go for it because one of my friends at work always runs it, and we could run as a "couple" for both races. That's right, we did the 5k and then did the 10k! Here's my race bib...the last race of my 20s!
Since we ran both races and as a couple, here's ALL the results! Tony would take a * by his times since he ran with me and could have run faster on his own. I appreciated the company though!
Tony - 5k: 21:15 (16/223 guy, 3rd age group); 10k: 45:37 (16/252, 3rd age group); 7/57 in the combined 5k & 10k
Beth - 5k: 21:25 (6/427 girl, 2nd age group); 10k: 45:36 (1/353, 1st age group); 1/80 in the combined 5K & 10k
Couples - 5k: 4/72; 10k: 1/36; Combined: 1/9
We had a few first places in there! The big winner was a $25 gift card to McNellies for winning the 10k for women. We also got some chocolates for the couples awards and a race picture frame for the age group stuff.

Cole stayed with Tony's sister and her boyfriend while we did the race. It was so nice of them to get up early on a Saturday to babysit and help us out! Cole had a great time over there. They have stairs and three dogs! We picked up breakfast at our favorite, Old School Bagel, on the way home and took naps in the afternoon!

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