Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have been taking full advantage of the Valentine's sweets around our house! Cole has been a little under the weather since last night. Not sure what's really wrong with him...just clingy, not eating as much as normal, and just not himself. It started last night, so we let him sleep in this morning and he didn't have a fever so Tony took him to daycare a little later than normal. He had an ok day, but his babysitter said just not his usual self. In some of these pictures he has a little bit of an attitude on his face. :)

I decided to carry on with my plan of taking him to Merritt's to get a little special treat and to get some treats to go for Mama & Daddy after school today! I was worried he might not want to eat anything, but I was wrong! I let him pick out what he wanted, and of course he wanted a cupcake with a bunch of frosting!
I went to cut the cupcake to try to make it easier for him to eat, but that made him very upset! He started crying and wanted me to "fix it". So, I stuck it back together and he started going for the icing first after that.
He wasn't into sharing the cupcake either! He kept saying "my cupcake" when I tried to take a bite. I had to steal a few when he wasn't looking though!
Between the two of us, we ate every single last bite of that yummy cupcake! I should never have thought otherwise! He ended up with mostly red frosting all over his face, hands, and clothes. Plus he spilled water down his front. He was quite the mess when we left. Good thing we were going home! Cole got stripped down in the car for the ride so we didn't get frosting all over his car seat. It didn't really seem to phase him one bit! He just didn't want to get in the car seat, of course. When he doesn't feel right he's very indecisive and ok one minute, upset the next! :)
We had a fun little time at Merritts even with a few little unhappy moments. It was cute to see him loving that cupcake and it was HIS to eat!

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