Thursday, January 3, 2013

Texas Friends

We were able to catch up and visit with a few of our Texas friends when we were in town for the week. We went to dinner with Dave, Alyssa, and Grant at a Mexican place near Alyssa's new office in the Cypress area. We managed to have some conversation and good catching up time even with two little ones!
Grant turned one at the beginning of December, so it was fun to compare the father/son pic from this year, to last year's.
We had planned on going to Dave & Alyssa's house before Christmas, but little Grant had been sick with a fever and not feeling well, so dinner after work for them was the best we could do. We were so happy to be able to see them, that it didn't matter one bit!

Cole and I were also able to see Tori (high school friend) & Leila (teacher friend) over at Tori's house one morning. The three of us used to teach together, but they are both stay at home mommies now (jealous!!).

Leila just had her first, Bryson, in November. So this was our first time to meet him. Such a cutie with lots of dark hair! He snoozed pretty much the whole visit. Cole was excited to give "baby Bryson, pat, pat" and he's still talking about it.
Cole is also still talking about playing trains at "Lukas house". Tori's little guy, Lukas, is 5 months older than Cole. They played together a little bit, but mostly just ran their cars and trains around Tori's coffee table. It was cute because the two of them are pretty much in the same stage and into similar things.
Lukas gave Cole a sweet hug when we were getting ready to leave. Usually Cole is all about it, but I think he was getting a little tired/hungry. He fell asleep about 2 minutes after we started driving home. A sign of a great play date!

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