Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning started with Cole being the one to wake everyone up. He wanted to go into each person's room and climb in bed with them, telling them to "get up". I don't think he really knew what was coming, but knew everyone needed to get up and was happy to be the one to make that happen!
Cole-man was well taken care of this Christmas! He got lots of cars & trucks, Little People airplane and barn, a basketball goal, a tee pee, clothes, books, puzzles, etc. He has loved playing with all of his new toys since we've been home too. He has them all set up around the house and goes from place to place having a great time!
Our families were so generous and thoughtful with their gifts for Cole and for us! We have so much to be thankful for...hey, we were just happy to spend time with everyone for an entire week with nothing going on! No golf tournaments, events, work.

Cole was pretty funny opening presents. We usually go around and let everyone open one present at a time, taking turns. Cole wasn't interested in opening the gifts, but wanted to play with them right away. He'd get all excited, ask for scissors to open it (of course he was not the one using the scissors!), and play with whatever he got until the next gift was opened. Stacy helped him get his toys working.
By the time we were done opening gifts, we were all ready for some breakfast! We spent the majority of the day in our PJ's, but Tony and I did go out for a run together in the afternoon and had Christmas dinner that night. We passed up cards for a rented movie after Cole went to bed. We used to go out to the movies, but since the little man came around, we've started renting instead.

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