Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at the Lewis house was spent going to church service in the evening (Cole sat through maybe 10 minutes combined during the whole thing - should have taken him to the nursery!), followed by lasagna for dinner at home.

We took a few family pictures in between. Cole did not want his picture taken with anyone, so we had to get a few candid shots when we could.
After dinner we opened our Christmas Eve presents...PJ's of course! I didn't get any pictures of the girls PJ's, but we all got matching pants. Never too old for that! :) Cole tried (a little bit) to unwrap his presents. He wasn't too in to that part, even on Christmas morning. He just wanted to get to the stuff inside and doing it himself was not fast enough, I guess!
Cole helped fix a plate of cookies and milk for Santa. We made sure to include one that Cole made (white frosting) and some M&M chocolate chip cookies too, Santa's favorite we hear. Cole couldn't resist and started eating one of the chocolate chip cookies before it made it to the table.
After Cole went to bed the adults played a round of cards, which we did quite a few times over the week we where there! It gets a little competitive! We play Liverpool (game of sets and runs hands) and Phase 10 (but usually not the whole game because it takes forever!). We tried not to go to bed too late since we would all be getting the early wake up call Christmas morning!

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