Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Whole New World

Cole is almost 2 (little less than 2 months away!) and was getting more and more squished and irate that he was facing the back window if the car. He was up to some good screaming and holding on tight to anything when we tried to get him into his car seat...2 year olds! Being so close to his bday and being big for his age, we went for the turn around this week. It has changed our lives so far. Much more peaceful!

Cole has a preference in music now too. He asks to listen to "Taylor" when he gets in the car now. He's in a first name basis with Taylor Swift. :) His favorite song involves "like ever"'s and "back gether"'s. It's pretty cute. He's picking up tons of songs these days. Mostly kid songs besides Taylor's.

Cole also loves looking out the windows and commenting on everything that goes by. I live how he still crosses his feet too!

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