Saturday, January 26, 2013

Little Kitchen Upgrade

We've only waited 4 years to get around to putting hardware on our kitchen cabinets. We had several attempts when we brought home samples to try, but nothing ever made us ready to go for it until now. We shopped at a local store called Home Hardware (go figure!). They have a nice selection and styles that are a little bit nicer and a wide variety of styles. We are loving our little update. I don't think it will be to much longer and we will be tackling the rest of our cabinets! Definitely not 4 years again!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Whole New World

Cole is almost 2 (little less than 2 months away!) and was getting more and more squished and irate that he was facing the back window if the car. He was up to some good screaming and holding on tight to anything when we tried to get him into his car seat...2 year olds! Being so close to his bday and being big for his age, we went for the turn around this week. It has changed our lives so far. Much more peaceful!

Cole has a preference in music now too. He asks to listen to "Taylor" when he gets in the car now. He's in a first name basis with Taylor Swift. :) His favorite song involves "like ever"'s and "back gether"'s. It's pretty cute. He's picking up tons of songs these days. Mostly kid songs besides Taylor's.

Cole also loves looking out the windows and commenting on everything that goes by. I live how he still crosses his feet too!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bouncy Morning

Since I had today off from school, I decided Cole and I should go do something fun. I thought it would be fun to try one of those bounce places. We have never been, so I didn't really have any expectations. Plus in Oklahoma you never know what you're going to get. It's not like The Woodlands were everything is nice and new.

We went to a place called Bouncy Barn in Broken Arrow during the free play time. It wasn't the nicest space (old) but it was clean and the other people and kids there were normal. And Cole had THE BEST time! He went nonstop for an hour and a half. He went from one bouncy toy to another and just wanted to so it all. He kept laughing and saying "bounce place" as he was running around.

Here are some pictures of him living it up. The last picture is how he ended up on the car ride home...

Sunday, January 13, 2013


After church today we braves the freezing cold (24 degrees!) to get some breakfast at Krispy Kreme. We hadn't been in awhile, but Cole remembered that he liked it! He was all about the hat, watching the donuts on the machine, and of course, eating the donuts. He had a chocolate iced glazed with sprinkles and some of a plain glazed one too. We had fun watching him devour that donut too. He kept telling us that it was yummy!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Aunt Jan Jan got Cole these super cool "Super Mickey" PJ's for Christmas! Awesome!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Trader Joe's Shopper

We had to do one last Trader Joe's run while we were in The Woodlands. They have these cute carts for little ones and we got Cole to push one around the entire store. He loved it!

He just followed Tony and would put things in the cart. He had a great time! They also hide a stuffed turtle somewhere in the store for kids to find, and when they do, they get to choose something out of the treasure chest. When Tony was paying, Cole and I went on a turtle hunt and found it hanging out tote ceiling! Cole was talking about "Trader Joe's turtle" for days!

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning started with Cole being the one to wake everyone up. He wanted to go into each person's room and climb in bed with them, telling them to "get up". I don't think he really knew what was coming, but knew everyone needed to get up and was happy to be the one to make that happen!
Cole-man was well taken care of this Christmas! He got lots of cars & trucks, Little People airplane and barn, a basketball goal, a tee pee, clothes, books, puzzles, etc. He has loved playing with all of his new toys since we've been home too. He has them all set up around the house and goes from place to place having a great time!
Our families were so generous and thoughtful with their gifts for Cole and for us! We have so much to be thankful for...hey, we were just happy to spend time with everyone for an entire week with nothing going on! No golf tournaments, events, work.

Cole was pretty funny opening presents. We usually go around and let everyone open one present at a time, taking turns. Cole wasn't interested in opening the gifts, but wanted to play with them right away. He'd get all excited, ask for scissors to open it (of course he was not the one using the scissors!), and play with whatever he got until the next gift was opened. Stacy helped him get his toys working.
By the time we were done opening gifts, we were all ready for some breakfast! We spent the majority of the day in our PJ's, but Tony and I did go out for a run together in the afternoon and had Christmas dinner that night. We passed up cards for a rented movie after Cole went to bed. We used to go out to the movies, but since the little man came around, we've started renting instead.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at the Lewis house was spent going to church service in the evening (Cole sat through maybe 10 minutes combined during the whole thing - should have taken him to the nursery!), followed by lasagna for dinner at home.

We took a few family pictures in between. Cole did not want his picture taken with anyone, so we had to get a few candid shots when we could.
After dinner we opened our Christmas Eve presents...PJ's of course! I didn't get any pictures of the girls PJ's, but we all got matching pants. Never too old for that! :) Cole tried (a little bit) to unwrap his presents. He wasn't too in to that part, even on Christmas morning. He just wanted to get to the stuff inside and doing it himself was not fast enough, I guess!
Cole helped fix a plate of cookies and milk for Santa. We made sure to include one that Cole made (white frosting) and some M&M chocolate chip cookies too, Santa's favorite we hear. Cole couldn't resist and started eating one of the chocolate chip cookies before it made it to the table.
After Cole went to bed the adults played a round of cards, which we did quite a few times over the week we where there! It gets a little competitive! We play Liverpool (game of sets and runs hands) and Phase 10 (but usually not the whole game because it takes forever!). We tried not to go to bed too late since we would all be getting the early wake up call Christmas morning!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stay at Home Mama Day

Cole and I having a fun day today! Only a few more until going back to work.

1. Painting
2. Getting out all the toys
3. Going to the park in the cold

Texas Friends

We were able to catch up and visit with a few of our Texas friends when we were in town for the week. We went to dinner with Dave, Alyssa, and Grant at a Mexican place near Alyssa's new office in the Cypress area. We managed to have some conversation and good catching up time even with two little ones!
Grant turned one at the beginning of December, so it was fun to compare the father/son pic from this year, to last year's.
We had planned on going to Dave & Alyssa's house before Christmas, but little Grant had been sick with a fever and not feeling well, so dinner after work for them was the best we could do. We were so happy to be able to see them, that it didn't matter one bit!

Cole and I were also able to see Tori (high school friend) & Leila (teacher friend) over at Tori's house one morning. The three of us used to teach together, but they are both stay at home mommies now (jealous!!).

Leila just had her first, Bryson, in November. So this was our first time to meet him. Such a cutie with lots of dark hair! He snoozed pretty much the whole visit. Cole was excited to give "baby Bryson, pat, pat" and he's still talking about it.
Cole is also still talking about playing trains at "Lukas house". Tori's little guy, Lukas, is 5 months older than Cole. They played together a little bit, but mostly just ran their cars and trains around Tori's coffee table. It was cute because the two of them are pretty much in the same stage and into similar things.
Lukas gave Cole a sweet hug when we were getting ready to leave. Usually Cole is all about it, but I think he was getting a little tired/hungry. He fell asleep about 2 minutes after we started driving home. A sign of a great play date!

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