Monday, November 19, 2012

Route 66 Marathon

Last minute Tony decided to join a relay team with some guys from work for the Route 66 Marathon here in Tulsa. Tony ran the first 15 miles and two other guys split the rest.

Tony had a great run, under 7 minute miles easily. The weather was cool and cloudy but not cold.

Cole and I went out to see him finish his leg of the race. We got there about 45 minutes before we needed too. Cole and I cheered for the front runners. Cole was telling them to "run fast" and "hi" as they ran by. Then we wanted to run after them. We yelled for Daddy too of course! We were able to see him in two spots because they ran around a block and I could run with the stroller on a street in between to cut back to the other side.

Tony said he was impressed with the course. Hilly in some areas and went through cool areas of Tulsa. It was kind of windy he said, but that's Oklahoma for ya!

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