Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Little Marathoner

We took the little man out for some trick or treating on Wednesday evening. We didn't go last year because he was still so little, and we really just eased into it this year. I think we went up to about 5 houses total for candy, but Cole had a fun time walking and riding in the wagon.

Tony's parents were in town and were able to join us, which was really fun. Uma and Opa brought Cole a cool new cell phone to play with. It, of course, went trick or treating with us.
He kept saying "Hey" and putting it up to his ear to talk.

We decided to dress Cole as a little marathoner after seeing it in a Parent's magazine. I thought it was so cute and appropriate. One because we run, and two because HE runs all over! He got to wear my Chicago bib on his shirt too.
Cole wasn't quite sure what the trick or treat thing was all about, but we got him to hold his spider bag and say "trick or treat" a few times. We visited our neighbors, Travis & Candace, across the streee first. They are our same ages and married for a few years with no kids yet. So we always chat with them and Cole always wants to go see Travis at "Travis house" and recognizes "Travis truck".

Here's Cole knocking on his first door for trick or treating...well, actually he tried to just walk right in!
They were so sweet to Cole and got him a remote control car (it's a Vtech one). It plays music and has buttons and shapes on it. It's become a new favorite.
After going to our other neighbors that we know, Cole's attention turned to pulling the wagon.
So we mostly just walked around the neighborhood for awhile. Cole did end up riding in the wagon for the longer parts of the walk. He did a really great job. There were tons of kids out in our neighborhood too. I think he was just taking it all in.

We got two really cute pictures of Cole after going to our last house. He actually smiled and looked at the camera!
Before we started getting Cole ready for bed, we managed to get a few pictures of us and Uma and Opa with Cole.
Tony's parents stayed for pizza with us for dinner after Cole went to bed. We had a great time visiting and were happy that they were able to be there for a fun night!

This picture was from the day after Halloween when Cole tried his first piece of Halloween candy. He loved it of course, what's not to love about chocolate! Now he's still asking for "more Halloween snack".
*He did get a nice cut around his eye from falling off a chair at daycare that you can see in the pic.

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