Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tulsa Run 2012

I was the only one in the family to do the Tulsa Run this morning. We didn't have anyone to watch Cole and Tony didn't care if he ran it or not, so I signed up earlier this week.

We found out that the race management changed this year along with pretty much everything about the race except the distance. The packet pick up was different and not very efficient according to Tony who went for me. It took him 45 min because everything was organized by bib number and no one knew this ahead of time. So you had to wait to find out the number, then wait in your number section, and wait for the shirts. Not good. And kind if set a bad impression for what to expect with the race.

The new course was fine, but just out and back where you used to run thru some cool areas of Tulsa. So kind of boring and the last mile was uphill while the rest was downhill or flat. Doesn't make for a fast finish, but it was ok.

The one thing that was better was the start. Pics below. It usually is a huge mass of people, but they actually had banners with pace times so people knew where to line up. I normally get stuck in the back but I was able to find the 7 min flag with no problem and few people there or ahead of me. It made for a much smoother and faster start than in the past. With 4500 runners, you need it.

The finish area had plenty of bathrooms (which the start and course did not - 1 on the course!) and water, fruit, bagel pieces, and candy. We didn't really see much of the after race area because it was cold and Cole was with Tony watching.

I ran my fastest time by 1 min, 1:06:03 (7:02 pace) for the 15k (9.3 miles). It was pretty chilly. I think 30s at the start. I wore long sleeves, capris, and gloves and some throw away clothes. I warmed up but not a ton. I was ready to head to the car when it was over! I am happy with how I ran and enjoyed the run but thought it could be better in some areas. The best part was seeing my cheering boys at the end!

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