Monday, September 17, 2012

Football Time of Year

Poor Cole has two rival teams as his favorites right now!  Daddy has him saying "OU" - "Sooners" and Mommy has him saying "Texas" - "Fight" and "Hook 'em" - "Horns".  We'll see which one ends up being his favorite on day.  Right now we are sharing his loyalty.  However, Cole does need a Texas tshirt.  Tony got him an OU one, and I haven't found a Texas one to order yet.  I need to hurry up before the season is over!

Here's Cole in his new OU shirt.  He does look pretty cute, I think. :)
Here's the little man almost exactly one year ago!  Wow!  How much he's changed! He still has those cute little chubby cheeks though!

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