Sunday, September 30, 2012

Three Day Weekend

Our "weekend" (aka Thursday afternoon) started off like this:
I picked up Cole at the babysitter's and he had the start of this rash on his face and a little under his arms. We went right to the doctor and found out that he had the start of hives due to the antibiotic he'd been taking. So, our weekend started early and I stayed home with Cole on Friday. It's a good thing I did because he was taking Benadryl and Tylenol every 6 hours and looked like this:
The hives definitely got worse, more of them and larger red spots. He didn't seem to feel too bad once we had the medicines going. He never acted like they were itchy either. He had times where he acted pretty pitiful though. So we had a nice, relaxing Friday where he could relax and catch up on sleep at home.

During one of his naps, I was able to make a new fall wreath for our front door. I had gotten the materials earlier in the week and was planning on working on it this weekend, but since I had time on Friday, I got it all done. It's brown & white polka dot fabric wrapped around a straw wreath. Then I hot-glued some pumpkins and the bow on the bottom. Pretty easy!
Saturday Tony and I did our last longer run (10 & 13 miles) before the marathon next weekend. Then Cole and I went to a birthday party for the son of one of my fellow teachers on my team. He's turning 3 and they had a bounce house that all the kids enjoyed even in the rain! It took Cole a little while to warm up to the idea of going inside and jumping around, but he finally did it just in time before the rain started. We watched Ben open presents and had birthday cake too. Cole almost put his hand right in Ben's birthday cake while I was throwing away our plate! Yikes! We had a great time though, and Cole was asleep in the car before we even left their neighborhood!
Today has pretty pretty low key. We did shorter runs today, went to the grocery store, and got a few things for our trip next weekend. We are also watching the Ryder Cup, of course. We've had a relaxing pre-Chicago weekend plus an extra day. Cole is feeling and looking much better today. He just has faint red marks in some areas and has started refusing to take his medicines. So I know we are almost in the clear!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

18 Months!

Cole turned the big 18 months this week! We are halfway to two now. Look out! He had his 18 month check up on Tuesday, so we got his measurements right on the day. He weighs 28 lbs 4 oz (79%) and is 35.6 in long (97%). He's wearing 18-24 month clothes, and 2T in a few things that run smaller. Size 5 diapers and size 6 or 7 shoe, depending on the brand. He's outgrowing a lot of his summer clothes and shoes.
Cole is starting to develop a lot of independence. He likes to walk places and do things on his own (turn on/off lights, open bottles, open doors, take shoes on/off, etc.) He started feeding himself with a spoon, but kind of got out of practice and has gone backward on that a little bit. He's also gotten better at playing with his toys on his own. Just this week he's started driving all his different cars all over the house, up the walls, on furniture, on legs & arms, everywhere! Cole loves to play outside with his mower or golf clubs and just run around. He asks to go outside every chance he gets. We've even started going on short walks around the block with no stroller. Climbing on everything is also a favorite activity. He knows how to get on every piece of furniture in our house. I appreciate the times he still wants to sit and read stories. But, now he wants to chose the books!

You can see what happens when he hasn't had much practice with the spoon lately!
We've been amazed lately with all the words Cole can say. I've really quit keeping track because he says everything and can repeat new words like it's nothing. He's started saying phrases or two words together which is so cute. He says "sit down", "I see you", "Daddy's or Mommy's drink or shoes or whatever", to name a few. He knows the names of his friends at daycare and uses words to describe things on his own like heavy, hot, cold, funny, etc. He can almost get through all of the ABC's on his own if we throw in a letter or two for him to keep it going. He loves little songs or rhymes and dances and moves his arms around to the music. He gives the sweetest hugs and kisses. When he leaves the room or when he says goodbye he goes "bye bye, see ya, love you." Our little man that used to say "yeah" to everything has started saying "no" when he doesn't want something now.
He's done a really good job keeping up his schedule and getting started back to daycare this school year. He still takes two naps for about two hours each time. I'm just waiting for this to change any day, but he's on the go so much I think he wears himself out. Cole is still a good eater. Not very picky. He has gotten to the point where he asks for certain things though. Like wanting a cookie at the grocery store. :)
We thought we were entering a stage of tantrums, but it seemed to be short lived for now. For almost a week he was throwing screaming fits when he didn't get his way and was very clingy. We found out at his doctor's appointment that he had the start of an ear infection. He had some congestion and had a cough, so I wasn't really surprised and would have taken him in earlier if this appointment wasn't already coming up. So maybe he wasn't feeling good because as soon as we started antibiotic he's been back to his old, happy, easy-going self. Mommy and Daddy are SO happy about that!

We love every minute we spend with the little man and can't wait for all the fun fall activities coming up with him. He's already turned into a football fan! Cole is such a funny little guy and brings so much energy and love to our family. :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Football Time of Year

Poor Cole has two rival teams as his favorites right now!  Daddy has him saying "OU" - "Sooners" and Mommy has him saying "Texas" - "Fight" and "Hook 'em" - "Horns".  We'll see which one ends up being his favorite on day.  Right now we are sharing his loyalty.  However, Cole does need a Texas tshirt.  Tony got him an OU one, and I haven't found a Texas one to order yet.  I need to hurry up before the season is over!

Here's Cole in his new OU shirt.  He does look pretty cute, I think. :)
Here's the little man almost exactly one year ago!  Wow!  How much he's changed! He still has those cute little chubby cheeks though!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Help Us Support Golf Fore Africa

The Chicago Marathon we are running is getting closer and closer! I think we are down to 23 days! We've been doing lots of long runs since July with 22 miles last weekend. Only a few more left before the race...yay!

Tony and I are both fundraising for Golf Fore Africa and World Vision which helps build wells in Africa to provide many, many families with access to clean water. We both have a goal of raising $1310 or $50 per mile that we are running. $50 provides water for one person! We are excited to be a part of this and know that the money we raise will help many people. My Mom and Stacy went to Africa last year and said it was a life changing trip.

If you would like to donate, click here. You can choose Tony or me from this page. There is no minimum or expected amount to donate. Anything is greatly appreciated! Thanks for considering helping us out!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Music Lover

Cole is into music and has been for awhile. He like to put our earbuds to his ears and listen, does little dances when he hears music, and likes toys that play music too. Coming home from daycare I hear him singing his own songs in the backseat.

Haircut Time

Little mister got his third haircut this week. We tried a different place this time, Q Cuts because the other place we had gone was kind of pricey and with Cole's super straight hair you could see all the uneven areas. His cut turned out a lot better this time. I think we will go back. Cole had a hard time sitting still though! He sat in three different car chairs and ended up mostly standing up. The lady cutting his hair just went with it, thankfully!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cole is Growing Up!

I have been so bad about blogging lately! Since we came back from Ohio (in the beginning of August!) it's been non-stop! Three weeks I've had evening meetings at school where I had to go back at like 6:30 pm, have been going to pilates one night a week, and we went out of town over Labor Day. Tony has been taking several work trips with his new job as well. Needless to say, the house is dirty, lawn is not looking so good, etc., etc. The list goes on!

Plus we've been trying to stay on track with our marathon training with the race coming up in less than a month. We are planning on doing 22 miles this weekend. We couldn't get it done in The Woodlands last weekend. It was too darn hot and humid. We barely made it 13 miles. I don't know how my Mom is doing all her training. I don't think I could do it running in that weather all the time.

Tony is out of town tonight, so I had some time to post a little tonight after Cole went to bed. I had to show these videos of the little man! These are reminders of how big he is getting! When we were at my parents' house he jumped into the pool all by himself and he said his first sentence, "I see you." I just love it! He is talking up a storm these days!

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