Saturday, August 18, 2012

Toledo Zoo

We've been home from Toledo for almost a week now, but right when we got back I had to start school the next day. It's been a busy week ever since! So to start my recap of our trip to Toledo...we left Tulsa bright and early at 6 am to catch the direct flight to Detroit. That got us in early enough to pretty much have a full day in Toledo. My Dad and Stacy were already there too. So on Tuesday when we got there, my Dad had organized for a bunch of us to go to the Toledo Zoo. I had gone to the zoo a bunch when I was a kid, but they have added and remodeled a lot. Some areas were still the same though.

Our first stop was the polar bears. They were chilling out right by the glass. One was sleeping on the rocks and one was just resting in the water. Cole loves them about as much as Tony does.
We went to the African animals area next and saw some giraffes, zebras, and some birds.
We saw some tigers, penguins, and a cool bald eagle before we made it to the new elephant area. The zoo has a new baby elephant! A lot of people were there to see him (or her...not sure?). Tony, Sara, and Bryan were making their way across the bridge to the other side of the zoo here.
Cole & Sara
They had these animal masks for kids to put their faces up to. Cole particularly loved the giraffe one. :) This is one of my favorite pictures from the day.
Cole also had a great time in the fish and turtle aquariums building. He would stand right up to the glass and just watch them swimming around. He didn't spend very much time riding in his stroller. He was wanting to walk all over or have someone carry him. One of the times we were walking, he just walked right over to this little corner and wanted to hang out in the shade.
Papa ended up carrying him a lot too
The zoo had some pretty gardens where we got a family picture and Cole took a break with Uncle Gary and Papa.
Cole walking on his own always involves some break away and running off...he got caught by his Mama though!
Cole is really starting to get a little more into the zoo and had a fun time. He was checking out the animals and had his eye on a few of them. It was probably the warmest day we had while we were there, but it wasn't too bad.

We were in Toledo the rest of the week and weekend and went to the golf tournament each of the another post about the rest of our adventures soon!

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