Monday, August 20, 2012

Lew Crew 2012

The Lew Crew is now in it's 6th year at the Jamie Farr! We had blue and orange tshirts this year. You could see us all across the golf course! Cole even had a little one and was the star of the show the few hours he was out at a time. He did a good job of staying quiet when the girls were hitting...except for one little peep, but the girl just backed away and started over and didn't make a big deal out of it.

We were in blue the first and third day. There was some rain, but Cole made it home for his nap before the rain started that first day. The weather got really pretty cool and Cole didn't come out the third day because of that and his nap schedule and Stacy's tee time weren't the best match.
Here are some orange days. We had to wear long sleeves a few days it was so chilly! But it warmed up and was nice the last day.

Stacy did an interview with the Lew Crew in the background over on the chipping green. Cole got out there and had the best time. He was picking up the balls, pulling out the flags, he even borrowed a club from a player and was swinging it around! Here's a link to the final video interview.

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