Monday, August 20, 2012

Family Fun

Here we are Tuesday morning, still dark outside, waiting for our flight. Cole loves looking out the windows at the "truck trucks" and "airplanes".
Tuesday night, Tony and I got invited to go with Stacy to the tournament sponsors gala. We got all dressed up, met some important people, and had a fun meal. We had a great time hanging out with Stacy and having a little night out.
Wednesday my Aunt Kathy had us over to their house for dinner, corn hole, and of course cookie cake. Cole was not shy about the cookie cake and stuck his little fingers right in the icing and ate a piece of the cookie later on.

Saturday was our night at Aunt Gigi's. We played more corn hole, volleyball, and had another cookie cake. Cole really had fun with this one and ended up with orange and blue frosting all over his face!
For all the times the little man has been on an airplane, he hasn't gotten any "wings". But our flight home from Detroit was his lucky day! He wasn't quite sure what to think about it being pinned to his shirt, but it sure was cute.

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