Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cayman - Part 4: Out to Eat

For two reasons we mostly just ate out one meal a day: a 16 month old and restaurant prices! Everything in Cayman is more expensive because it's an island, plus they have a different currency, the Cayman dollar, where the exchange rate was not in our favor ($1.20 USD ~ $1 CI) We also tried to go to places that were more family friendly because we just can't justify spending over $100 on a meal when we're worried about Cole behaving. So I'm sure we "missed out" on some of the best restaurants, but we enjoyed the ones that fit our style just as much. My sister has vacationed in Cayman recently with her best friend, Kelly, so she gave us some recommendations too.

The first night we got to Cayman, we had to get our car, check in, etc. So we didn't get to eat until a littler later than we wanted to. So we settled on something close to our condo that Tony had seen on TripAdvisor called Eats. It was one of the places with anything and everything on the menu...not always a good sign. But it was a fine place to eat. It did the job, but we weren't crazy about it.

Our 2nd and last night we went to Macabuca. We must have liked it, huh? Macabua is the outside bar area of the Cracked Conch, which is a nice restaurant, but the bar area was quicker, better priced, and had the best view...see below!
We sat right out on the deck with the back drop of the ocean. It was fantastic! Plus the food was great! We got calamari both times and Cole loved it too!
The first time we went, a thunderstorm rolled in off the ocean where we could see the lightening and rain off in the distance. It was really cool. Sitting outside is always nice with a little one. It's less pressure for them to be quite or calm. Cole did really well every place we went though, so I'm not sure why we're always cautious about it. Macabuca was a recommendation from Janet. She said the dive/snorkel site right by the restaurant is great too, but we never made it there for that during the day.
We also tried a brick oven pizza place called Brick House. It was a pretty good drive from our condo...back past the airport and everything. It took about 20 minutes for us to get there. But again, it was good food at a good price. We ate all of our pizzas! The fifth dinner place we tried was Chicken!Chicken!, a wood roasted chicken place with tons of sides and whole chickens. It's kind of a fast food type of place, but we got it to go and ate at our condo. It was nice to have some beer and wine and just relax without having to go anywhere.

We did go out for breakfast one morning to Tim Buc Tuu. Tony really wanted to go here from his pre-trip research. :) It was a little scary looking on the outside, and I was skeptical, but luckily the inside did not match the outside! We were the only ones there when it opened at 8:00, so the guy who runs the restaurant visited with us for a while when we were waiting for our food. I got a basic breakfast, but Tony got this breakfast wrap with chicken, vegetables, eggs...and I don't even know what else. It sounded weird to me, but he thought it was so good. The seasonings and flavors are kind of different...their website says Moroccan. It's hard to describe, but it was delicious! Cole had a pancake. :) Here are the boys enjoying breakfast:
Here are a few other random pictures of our little cutie on vacation! We had a great time just the 3 of us. It was our first time to take a real vacation like that. We've crossed over into "family vacation" world. :)

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