Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cayman - Part 3: Things To Do

We went out and did a few touristy things, usually between lunch and 2nd nap time. One day we went down to Georgetown, where the cruise ships come in, and walked around the shops there. We weren't super impressed though...lots of jewlery and cheap souvenir places. We did go to the Dairy Queen and get a Blizzard and Cole got a little backpack from the Caribbean Canvas Company. He was pumped about it and wanted to wear it out of the store. :)
Another day we decided to check out the Cayman Turtle Farm. Cole has a little stuffed turtle that he sleeps with and loves turtles, so we were sure that he would like this. The turtle farm was all new since I had been years ago with my family. It had a snorkel lagoon, shark viewing tank, a huge pool with a water slide in addition to all the turtle tanks. We just did the turtle stuff since Cole is too little to get our money's worth out of the rest of it. The first thing we saw was a large pool with the really big turtles!
We continued around to see the smaller tanks with various sizes of turtles. (This is a "farm", so they are being grown not just protected. So it's kind of sad to see them in the small tanks on top of each other. They even serve turtle at the restaurant there...sick!)
The fun part is that when you get to the area with the smallest turtles, you can pick them up. You just have to reach in there and grab them! Tony and I each took out one for Cole to see. Cole went right for the face on the poor turtle. We had to tell him to give the turtle a "pat, pat" on his back instead!
It was getting super hot walking around the turtle farm. We stopped in the shade for a little bit so Cole could have some fruit snacks. :) He was fascinated with his wristband the lady at the front gave him. He wasn't quite sure what that was all about even though he told her he wanted one!
We got Cole to sit up on the sign!
The other days we would just drive somewhere or go to the grocery store or just relax at the beach. These were our two big outings! We thought about trying to go kayaking, but couldn't quite decide if it would be worth trying with the little man. We tried to do things that weren't going to push it too much with him. We wanted a happy toddler and happy parents!

One last post coming tomorrow! The little man is up from his nap. :)

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