Monday, July 30, 2012

Cayman - Part 2: The Beach!

The beach is the selling point of Grand Cayman! The water is crystal clear and a million different shades of blue. The water was nice and cool and there are very little waves. We went out to the beach every day. We would wake up, have breakfast, and head out to play in the water usually by 8. We pretty much had the beach to ourselves at that time. Bonus of waking up with a toddler! Then Cole would have his nap, lunch, and then we'd either go back to the beach or sightsee, nap, and go out to the beach again. That was pretty much our routine every day.

Cole played in the sand with his beach toys a little bit, but loved running in the "waves" the most. He would just go up to the sand and back to the water. Sometimes he'd fall down. Sometimes we had to catch him where the water got too deep because he wanted to keep going! He would get very upset if we wanted him to go do something else!
We all loved just floating around in the water. Here were the boys on the first day at the beach:
Checking out the sand:
Tony and I were able to do a little bit of snorkeling. We could go right out from our condo and see some pretty cool areas of reef and fish. One of the great places to snorkel is Cemetery Beach and were were just a few minutes walk from there. We both went out to snorkel there. I saw a stingray!! Cayman is a really popular place to snorkel and scuba dive, so it'd be fun to go back when Cole is older and able to do things like that. We had to take turns going out during nap time. That's what worked best for us.
The pool was also a hit with the little man. We brought his float that we used in the ocean and the pool. He thought that was pretty fun. Cole liked going up and down the stairs in the pool. We kind of got him to jump in one or two times with one of us giving him a little assistance. :)
Our condo place had hammocks that we had to try before we left! Cole lasted about 5 seconds on there.

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