Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cayman - Part 1: Flying & Resting

I have tons of pictures from our trip, so I'm going to have to break it up a little bit and work hard to choose just the best's so hard! Part 1 is going to be our travel time and where we stayed!

Flying with a 16 Month Old:
Much more of a challenge than when he was non-mobile that's for sure! We took two flights each way, one to Houston (little over an hour) and then Houston to Grand Cayman (2.5 hours). It really wasn't too much travel time, but when the little one is going non-stop it can get a little bit harder. Cole didn't want to sleep at all on the flights. So he had no nap the day we went down there and was able to get a morning nap before we left, but was up until 11:30+ at night! Luckily, he was pleasant and just wanted to play. No meltdowns.
His favorite things to do on the flight were: eat Cheerios, applesauce, or fruit snacks, drink milk, watch Elmo or Mickey Mouse on the iPad (he says iPad, Mi Mouse, and Elmo - watch out!), or walk down the aisle saying hi to people. Oh, and he liked turning the light on and off and putting the window shade up and down too!
The view coming into Cayman is can see the island in the distance and fly right over Georgetown where the cruise ships dock.
Outdoor gates of course!
Where we stayed:
We chose a condo complex called The Anchorage on Seven Mile Beach. We had a 2 bedroom condo with a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, living room, and tv room. It was nice to have lots of space for all our stuff and for the little man to have his own room. We usually ate breakfast and lunch at the condo and went out for dinners. Our condo was right on the beach and had a pool. We loved staying here and would again for sure! The only annoying thing that happened was 3 of the power generators on the island blew or something on our last day. We didn't have any power from 6:30 am until the time we went to the airport. Of course the airport had power, but not much else did unless they had a back-up generator! Good thing we didn't have much food left in our refrigerator and we could just go to the beach!
First pic is looking back at the condo from the beach:
These two are our beach area going left and right...the water was so clear and beautiful! The water was surprisingly cool for how hot the air temperature is.
The awesome view out our windows. We also had a screened in porch overlooking the pool and beach.
Tony & Cole hanging out in the TV room. This is what they were doing while I was getting ready one, snacks, and Elmo!

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