Friday, July 6, 2012

Arkansas Weekend

We spent last weekend in Rogers, Arkansas for the LPGA tournament at Pinnacle Country Club. My parents flew into Tulsa on Thursday night and we all drove over there on Friday morning since Stacy didn't tee off until Friday afternoon. We did lots of golf watching and just hanging out while we were there. We did manage to see our friends, Jacob, Mindy, and their little guy Luke - but I didn't get any pictures! I did get some pictures of Cole out at the tournament though.
The first one is just Stacy (in the yellow shorts) waiting to tee off. :)
The temps were over 100 degrees, so when Cole was out watching, it wasn't for very long each we had to work around nap schedules. Luckily we stay at a house on the course, so it's easy to go back and forth. One afternoon I even took a nap! The tournament was giving out these cool Frogg Togg towels to keep cool...they are awesome! (We are using them post running now too.) Free bottles of water and shade stations were also available which made it a little more do-able. It was still super hot! Cole even loved the Frogg towel!
We usually try to go shopping at this nice outdoor mall area, but it was just too hot and we never felt like going out in the heat after watching all day. So we decided to get out of the house one day and go see downtown Bentonville instead. Cole liked having Nana in the back seat to talk to.
Bentonville is the home to Wal-Mart and the first store (Waltons 5-10) is on the downtown square. They had a cute little retro toy and candy store and a Wal-Mart history museum set up as well.
Cole sat in this little car the whole time we were there! Too bad it was $200! Sorry Cole!
These other pictures were from around the square. They had these pink snails out to promote a new hotel or something...Cole wasn't too happy that I set him on there!
Well...I realized I didn't do a very good job of getting other pictures, because I got none of Cole with Nana & Papa! He had so much fun with them, and Aunt Tay Tay too! Everyone loves when Cole says their names and he's happy to give it to them. He was loving all the attention.

Stacy played pretty well, although not as well as she would have liked, but we still had fun watching her rounds and spending time with her afterwards. Sunday is always kind of hectic after her round because she's having to travel to the next place and we have to drive home and work the next day (well, Tony does). My Mom came back with us this time and flew out of Tulsa on Monday morning, so we got another night with her. It was a little crazy though because our AC was out when we got home on Sunday night...ugh! (It got fixed on Monday after going on and off several times. It wasn't terribly hot. Could have been worse.)

Our next tournament will be the Jamie Farr in Toledo where the whole Lew Crew will be out in full force. Less than a month away now!

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