Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cole's New Toy

Cole has been playing with Tony's golf clubs for a few months now.  We finally found some clubs for him today that aren't just cheapo plastic ones.  They actually have a little foam to them.  We found them at Target...3 clubs, 2 balls, and a cup with a flag. :)  He's having fun with them already!  He says "golf", "putt", "shot", "ball" and recognizes when golf is on TV.  Could it be Papa's dream come true...another golfer in the family?!

Cayman - Part 3: Things To Do

We went out and did a few touristy things, usually between lunch and 2nd nap time. One day we went down to Georgetown, where the cruise ships come in, and walked around the shops there. We weren't super impressed though...lots of jewlery and cheap souvenir places. We did go to the Dairy Queen and get a Blizzard and Cole got a little backpack from the Caribbean Canvas Company. He was pumped about it and wanted to wear it out of the store. :)
Another day we decided to check out the Cayman Turtle Farm. Cole has a little stuffed turtle that he sleeps with and loves turtles, so we were sure that he would like this. The turtle farm was all new since I had been years ago with my family. It had a snorkel lagoon, shark viewing tank, a huge pool with a water slide in addition to all the turtle tanks. We just did the turtle stuff since Cole is too little to get our money's worth out of the rest of it. The first thing we saw was a large pool with the really big turtles!
We continued around to see the smaller tanks with various sizes of turtles. (This is a "farm", so they are being grown not just protected. So it's kind of sad to see them in the small tanks on top of each other. They even serve turtle at the restaurant there...sick!)
The fun part is that when you get to the area with the smallest turtles, you can pick them up. You just have to reach in there and grab them! Tony and I each took out one for Cole to see. Cole went right for the face on the poor turtle. We had to tell him to give the turtle a "pat, pat" on his back instead!
It was getting super hot walking around the turtle farm. We stopped in the shade for a little bit so Cole could have some fruit snacks. :) He was fascinated with his wristband the lady at the front gave him. He wasn't quite sure what that was all about even though he told her he wanted one!
We got Cole to sit up on the sign!
The other days we would just drive somewhere or go to the grocery store or just relax at the beach. These were our two big outings! We thought about trying to go kayaking, but couldn't quite decide if it would be worth trying with the little man. We tried to do things that weren't going to push it too much with him. We wanted a happy toddler and happy parents!

One last post coming tomorrow! The little man is up from his nap. :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Cayman - Part 2: The Beach!

The beach is the selling point of Grand Cayman! The water is crystal clear and a million different shades of blue. The water was nice and cool and there are very little waves. We went out to the beach every day. We would wake up, have breakfast, and head out to play in the water usually by 8. We pretty much had the beach to ourselves at that time. Bonus of waking up with a toddler! Then Cole would have his nap, lunch, and then we'd either go back to the beach or sightsee, nap, and go out to the beach again. That was pretty much our routine every day.

Cole played in the sand with his beach toys a little bit, but loved running in the "waves" the most. He would just go up to the sand and back to the water. Sometimes he'd fall down. Sometimes we had to catch him where the water got too deep because he wanted to keep going! He would get very upset if we wanted him to go do something else!
We all loved just floating around in the water. Here were the boys on the first day at the beach:
Checking out the sand:
Tony and I were able to do a little bit of snorkeling. We could go right out from our condo and see some pretty cool areas of reef and fish. One of the great places to snorkel is Cemetery Beach and were were just a few minutes walk from there. We both went out to snorkel there. I saw a stingray!! Cayman is a really popular place to snorkel and scuba dive, so it'd be fun to go back when Cole is older and able to do things like that. We had to take turns going out during nap time. That's what worked best for us.
The pool was also a hit with the little man. We brought his float that we used in the ocean and the pool. He thought that was pretty fun. Cole liked going up and down the stairs in the pool. We kind of got him to jump in one or two times with one of us giving him a little assistance. :)
Our condo place had hammocks that we had to try before we left! Cole lasted about 5 seconds on there.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cayman - Part 1: Flying & Resting

I have tons of pictures from our trip, so I'm going to have to break it up a little bit and work hard to choose just the best ones...it's so hard! Part 1 is going to be our travel time and where we stayed!

Flying with a 16 Month Old:
Much more of a challenge than when he was non-mobile that's for sure! We took two flights each way, one to Houston (little over an hour) and then Houston to Grand Cayman (2.5 hours). It really wasn't too much travel time, but when the little one is going non-stop it can get a little bit harder. Cole didn't want to sleep at all on the flights. So he had no nap the day we went down there and was able to get a morning nap before we left, but was up until 11:30+ at night! Luckily, he was pleasant and just wanted to play. No meltdowns.
His favorite things to do on the flight were: eat Cheerios, applesauce, or fruit snacks, drink milk, watch Elmo or Mickey Mouse on the iPad (he says iPad, Mi Mouse, and Elmo - watch out!), or walk down the aisle saying hi to people. Oh, and he liked turning the light on and off and putting the window shade up and down too!
The view coming into Cayman is awesome...you can see the island in the distance and fly right over Georgetown where the cruise ships dock.
Outdoor gates of course!
Where we stayed:
We chose a condo complex called The Anchorage on Seven Mile Beach. We had a 2 bedroom condo with a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, living room, and tv room. It was nice to have lots of space for all our stuff and for the little man to have his own room. We usually ate breakfast and lunch at the condo and went out for dinners. Our condo was right on the beach and had a pool. We loved staying here and would again for sure! The only annoying thing that happened was 3 of the power generators on the island blew or something on our last day. We didn't have any power from 6:30 am until the time we went to the airport. Of course the airport had power, but not much else did unless they had a back-up generator! Good thing we didn't have much food left in our refrigerator and we could just go to the beach!
First pic is looking back at the condo from the beach:
These two are our beach area going left and right...the water was so clear and beautiful! The water was surprisingly cool for how hot the air temperature is.
The awesome view out our windows. We also had a screened in porch overlooking the pool and beach.
Tony & Cole hanging out in the TV room. This is what they were doing while I was getting ready one night...beer, snacks, and Elmo!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Four Years!!

We are celebrating four years of marriage today! It doesn't seem like that long ago, but I think about all the things that have happened in four years, and our lives have changed so much - in a good way! Not on purpose, we basically celebrated with our trip to Grand Cayman since we just got back last night. (More posts and pics on that this weekend once I sort through all the pictures!)

Tony extended his vacation from work to take today off. We slept until 8:00 this morning and took Cole to his Little Gym class and got some breakfast on the way home. We've just been unpacking, grocery shopping, and DVR show watching this afternoon. Tonight we are making one of our favorite mac & cheese recipes (from Southern Living w/ leeks & bacon...so good!), having one of our favorite Gavi wines, and a mocha cake from Merritt's. It's all about the food around here! We just wanted to relax and recover from our travels today and enjoy each other's company one more day before Tony goes back to work. :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Less than a Week....

We will be here:
Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman is calling our name!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Two Little Cuties

Cole and I drove to Bartlesville today to visit some friends - Caroline, Owen, and Simon. The pic is of Owen and Cole hanging out at the splash pad. Simon is only 6 months, so still too little to get in on that. The boys had so much fun running around. Then we went back to their house to play and have lunch. I had a great time having another mommy to visit with too! It's about an hour drive to B'ville, but totally worth it to spend time with these guys!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Arkansas Weekend

We spent last weekend in Rogers, Arkansas for the LPGA tournament at Pinnacle Country Club. My parents flew into Tulsa on Thursday night and we all drove over there on Friday morning since Stacy didn't tee off until Friday afternoon. We did lots of golf watching and just hanging out while we were there. We did manage to see our friends, Jacob, Mindy, and their little guy Luke - but I didn't get any pictures! I did get some pictures of Cole out at the tournament though.
The first one is just Stacy (in the yellow shorts) waiting to tee off. :)
The temps were over 100 degrees, so when Cole was out watching, it wasn't for very long each time...plus we had to work around nap schedules. Luckily we stay at a house on the course, so it's easy to go back and forth. One afternoon I even took a nap! The tournament was giving out these cool Frogg Togg towels to keep cool...they are awesome! (We are using them post running now too.) Free bottles of water and shade stations were also available which made it a little more do-able. It was still super hot! Cole even loved the Frogg towel!
We usually try to go shopping at this nice outdoor mall area, but it was just too hot and we never felt like going out in the heat after watching all day. So we decided to get out of the house one day and go see downtown Bentonville instead. Cole liked having Nana in the back seat to talk to.
Bentonville is the home to Wal-Mart and the first store (Waltons 5-10) is on the downtown square. They had a cute little retro toy and candy store and a Wal-Mart history museum set up as well.
Cole sat in this little car the whole time we were there! Too bad it was $200! Sorry Cole!
These other pictures were from around the square. They had these pink snails out to promote a new hotel or something...Cole wasn't too happy that I set him on there!
Well...I realized I didn't do a very good job of getting other pictures, because I got none of Cole with Nana & Papa! He had so much fun with them, and Aunt Tay Tay too! Everyone loves when Cole says their names and he's happy to give it to them. He was loving all the attention.

Stacy played pretty well, although not as well as she would have liked, but we still had fun watching her rounds and spending time with her afterwards. Sunday is always kind of hectic after her round because she's having to travel to the next place and we have to drive home and work the next day (well, Tony does). My Mom came back with us this time and flew out of Tulsa on Monday morning, so we got another night with her. It was a little crazy though because our AC was out when we got home on Sunday night...ugh! (It got fixed on Monday after going on and off several times. It wasn't terribly hot. Could have been worse.)

Our next tournament will be the Jamie Farr in Toledo where the whole Lew Crew will be out in full force. Less than a month away now!

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