Monday, June 18, 2012


Thursday morning Cole and I met up with some friends - Tori, her little guy Lukas, and Leila! Tori, I have known since swimming in high school, but she and Leila and I all worked together for a year at Deretchin Elementary in The Woodlands. Leila is due with a little guy this November too! We sweated it out for a visit and let the boys play in one of the splash fountains near the mall, on the Waterway. Well, we actually started out at the Market Street ones, but they never came on, so we had to relocate. Here are Cole and Lukas waiting for the fountains in Market Street. It was funny because, they hardly were close to each other for very many pictures, but Tori got them on this one! Here they are playing in the fountains that we ended up at. They were in and out, and really loved pushing around Lukas' stroller. Both of them did get wet at one point or another, so it was a success!
Here's Tori and I with out little guys. I didn't get a picture with Leila-ugh! But she's looking super cute with her 5 month belly. This was one of those times that really made me miss home. Seeing my long time friends and our kids playing together is really something I feel like we miss out on living so far away. We just need to go visit more!

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Molly Hargather said...

i can't believe how BIG cole is getting! so precious!!

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