Monday, June 18, 2012

Best friends

We did another friends visit on Friday. We drove out to Katy to see one of my BFs, Alyssa's new house. She and her husband and little Grant moved just the weekend before from downtown Houston, out to the "burbs", as she likes to say. :) Cole and I were joined by my other BF, Sarah, and her 3 little ones. We were so lucky on our drive out to Katy and made it in less than an hour. We all had lunch at a Panera. We were quite the sight - 5 kids under 5 and 4 adults! The kids all did great though and were on their best behavior. Then, we went over to see their new house and hang out and visit for awhile. The kids had a great time playing and running all around. Luckily, Dave and Alyssa hadn't moved in too much for them to be messing everything up. Actually, it was Cole who was the most all over the place! Cole loved him some little Evelyn! He was giving her kisses and hugs nonstop! It was really cute!
Here's a group shot, or the best one that I could get, of Ryanne, Rhett, and Cole. They were so funny playing together. Grant was sleeping through all of this, so I didn't get any pictures of him. :(
I did get a cute picture of the three of us girls. Again, another reason we miss Texas!

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