Wednesday, June 20, 2012

15 Months and Lovin' It

Cole turned 15 months on Monday! We actually had his doctors appointment on the day this time. Seems like we've always been late, but a summer off of work makes it easier to schedule. His official measurements were 26 lbs 14 oz (89%) for weight and 33 in (94%) for height. So still a tall little man. He wears 18-24 month clothes, size 5 shoes, and size 5 diapers. Cole continues to be a great sleeper and eater, although he's started eating a little less and gets more excited about the carbs (pasta, mac & cheese, bread, cheerios, crackers, teddy grams, etc.) than anything else these days. He still loves fruits and veggies, but doesn't go for them first very often. He still takes 2 naps that vary from 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on how long he was up beforehand. I've been a little more flexible on his schedule this summer since we've been wanting to do activities and take him places, and he's done well so far. He seems to make up for the sleep at some point! I still try to make sure he gets more days on schedule than off though. Cole's biggest changes have been in how much he's talking! He's able to say a lot of words and tries to copy what we say as often as he can. I'm going to try to make a list of his words - I'm sure I will forget something and have to come back and add it. -Mama, Daddy, Papa, Nina, Tay Tay, (sorry Jan - he's working on you!), doggie, ball, hat, bonk, owie, no, ya, flops, shoes, socks, turtle, beans, cheese, cheerios, doctor, teeth, baby, truck, car, monkey - sounds like mommy!, mow - for the lawn mower & vacuum cleaner, two, phone, pool, bye bye, hi, uh-oh, all done, duck, phone. He is on the move all the time! He runs around and explores nonstop. He loves to practice stairs and climbing. He's started doing "happy feet" where he lifts his legs up and down and "round and round" where he turns around in circles. He usually ends up falling down after that one! Here's a video of "round and round": We can't believe how much he's growing up! He gives kisses and hugs, answers yes and no questions, follow directions (most of the time!), and is just so interactive. He's able to really communicate and let us know if we are not doing what he wants! Haha! But he still has that little baby side that wants to be held and cuddled...we just love it and love him!

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