Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer is Here

Well, it has finally gotten nice and hot here in Tulsa. We were thankful for every day in June that wasn't close to 100, but unfortunately those days are over. Starting Sunday it has been or will be over 100 for the rest of the week. Ugh! Luckily, we have some fun stuff going on to keep our minds off the temps and keep busy. Monday, Cole and I drove over to Fayetteville to see Stacy! The NW Arkansas tournament that's usually in September is this coming weekend in June this year. She had Monday free and we took advantage and spent the day with her. We left shortly after Cole woke up and had breakfast. It's about an hour and 45 minutes to Rogers, AR where she's staying and playing in the tournament. We just hung out and played with Cole for awhile once we got there. It had been since Christmas since she had seen him! Crazy! Then we had lunch at Chick-fil-a. Cole hadn't been there before! He got a nuggets kids meal with an applesauce, so he was in heaven. Stacy introduced him to ketchup! Cole kept handing her pieces of chicken to dip in the sauce before he ate them.
Stacy got out of Chick-fil-a with only 2 people coming up to her and congratulating or wishing her luck this weekend. :) After lunch, we did a couple of quick errands for Stacy and headed back to the course so she could register and pick up tickets for us for the weekend. Cole was hamming it up for all her friends and loved being the center of attention! The funniest thing was random people who work/volunteer for the tournament remembered Cole from last year. They would say "he's gotten so big", "I remember this little guy", etc. He's famous around there too now! We ended up staying until about 3:00 and decided it was time to go and let Cole nap in the car on the drive home. We will be heading back there on Friday morning with my parents to watch the tournament for the weekend.
With it being so hot, pretty much the only thing you can do outside in the afternoon is go to the pool! Cole and I did just that yesterday afternoon. We spent about and hour playing in the water. He seemed to like the big pool more where I was holding him and moving around rather than standing in the baby pool. He had a little friend who was sharing her toys with him too. We are so glad we have a pool close by that we can go to for a few hours and cool off!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Celebrating Daddy!

Tony's father's day has been a little spread out this week. Cole and I were here to celebrate with him on Sunday, but we just did a little lunch outing to Fat Guy's Burger after our flight got in. The line was super long but the food was worth it. We were happy to be back with him to spend most of the day together. Cole missed his Daddy!

We also went out to dinner last night to Chuy's to celebrate Tony's promotion at work! We are so excited for him!! The pic below is the boys enjoying some good Tex-mex - fajitas and cheese quesadillas.

I also added a pic of Tony's gift because I cannot believe how cute it turned out! I saw this on Pinterest, so not an original idea, but it was some work to get those pictures! You never know what you're going to get with a 15 month old! Tony also wanted some compression/icing gear for running that we haven't made it to the store to pick them out yet.

So he's gotten a whole week of celebrating! He deserves it though! He is the best!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

15 Months and Lovin' It

Cole turned 15 months on Monday! We actually had his doctors appointment on the day this time. Seems like we've always been late, but a summer off of work makes it easier to schedule. His official measurements were 26 lbs 14 oz (89%) for weight and 33 in (94%) for height. So still a tall little man. He wears 18-24 month clothes, size 5 shoes, and size 5 diapers. Cole continues to be a great sleeper and eater, although he's started eating a little less and gets more excited about the carbs (pasta, mac & cheese, bread, cheerios, crackers, teddy grams, etc.) than anything else these days. He still loves fruits and veggies, but doesn't go for them first very often. He still takes 2 naps that vary from 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on how long he was up beforehand. I've been a little more flexible on his schedule this summer since we've been wanting to do activities and take him places, and he's done well so far. He seems to make up for the sleep at some point! I still try to make sure he gets more days on schedule than off though. Cole's biggest changes have been in how much he's talking! He's able to say a lot of words and tries to copy what we say as often as he can. I'm going to try to make a list of his words - I'm sure I will forget something and have to come back and add it. -Mama, Daddy, Papa, Nina, Tay Tay, (sorry Jan - he's working on you!), doggie, ball, hat, bonk, owie, no, ya, flops, shoes, socks, turtle, beans, cheese, cheerios, doctor, teeth, baby, truck, car, monkey - sounds like mommy!, mow - for the lawn mower & vacuum cleaner, two, phone, pool, bye bye, hi, uh-oh, all done, duck, phone. He is on the move all the time! He runs around and explores nonstop. He loves to practice stairs and climbing. He's started doing "happy feet" where he lifts his legs up and down and "round and round" where he turns around in circles. He usually ends up falling down after that one! Here's a video of "round and round": We can't believe how much he's growing up! He gives kisses and hugs, answers yes and no questions, follow directions (most of the time!), and is just so interactive. He's able to really communicate and let us know if we are not doing what he wants! Haha! But he still has that little baby side that wants to be held and cuddled...we just love it and love him!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Random Pics from the Week

We met Nana for lunch one day at Jason's Deli. Cole had pasta with meatballs and made a mess of his shirt!
Cole eating some chips at Rico's - another stop we always make for mexican!
Trader Joe's opened the Friday we were there! My Mom and I went one night after Cole went to bed hoping the crowds would be less. We were wrong! The check-out line went from the front to the back of the store. Hard to shop, but I still had to get some things to bring home to Tony!
Papa giving Cole his bath.
I copied some of the pictures of me when I was about Cole's age because I think we look alike! :)
Cole loved rocking in Papa's chair. He's sporting his new Elmo shirt from Nana.
Nana (or Nina as Cole says), hung out with us at the airport for a bit since we got there a little early.
We had such a fun trip. Relaxing and able to visit with good friends and my parents, of course! We are glad we don't have to wait too long to see my parents again and Stacy too for the NW Arkansas tournament coming up in a few weeks.


One of the best things we get to do at my parents' house is go swimming in the pool. It's so nice to have one right in the backyard. Cole and I went swimming 2 of the days, and the other 2 days he got in with Papa. I was able to get some pictures then.
I even took a video of Cole going underwater. :) Swimming is great because it wears him out too. He takes some great naps afterwards! It took him a little bit to warm up to the idea of the pool, but by the end of the week, he knew what to expect and was having a good time with it. He's not so sure about his legs floating and is a little clingy to you, but he still likes it. I think Papa liked taking him in the pool and having someone to swim with too!

Best friends

We did another friends visit on Friday. We drove out to Katy to see one of my BFs, Alyssa's new house. She and her husband and little Grant moved just the weekend before from downtown Houston, out to the "burbs", as she likes to say. :) Cole and I were joined by my other BF, Sarah, and her 3 little ones. We were so lucky on our drive out to Katy and made it in less than an hour. We all had lunch at a Panera. We were quite the sight - 5 kids under 5 and 4 adults! The kids all did great though and were on their best behavior. Then, we went over to see their new house and hang out and visit for awhile. The kids had a great time playing and running all around. Luckily, Dave and Alyssa hadn't moved in too much for them to be messing everything up. Actually, it was Cole who was the most all over the place! Cole loved him some little Evelyn! He was giving her kisses and hugs nonstop! It was really cute!
Here's a group shot, or the best one that I could get, of Ryanne, Rhett, and Cole. They were so funny playing together. Grant was sleeping through all of this, so I didn't get any pictures of him. :(
I did get a cute picture of the three of us girls. Again, another reason we miss Texas!


Thursday morning Cole and I met up with some friends - Tori, her little guy Lukas, and Leila! Tori, I have known since swimming in high school, but she and Leila and I all worked together for a year at Deretchin Elementary in The Woodlands. Leila is due with a little guy this November too! We sweated it out for a visit and let the boys play in one of the splash fountains near the mall, on the Waterway. Well, we actually started out at the Market Street ones, but they never came on, so we had to relocate. Here are Cole and Lukas waiting for the fountains in Market Street. It was funny because, they hardly were close to each other for very many pictures, but Tori got them on this one! Here they are playing in the fountains that we ended up at. They were in and out, and really loved pushing around Lukas' stroller. Both of them did get wet at one point or another, so it was a success!
Here's Tori and I with out little guys. I didn't get a picture with Leila-ugh! But she's looking super cute with her 5 month belly. This was one of those times that really made me miss home. Seeing my long time friends and our kids playing together is really something I feel like we miss out on living so far away. We just need to go visit more!

HEB and Park Visit

Cole and I had to do a little HEB run for my Mom one night. I think it was the most fun Cole has had at a grocery store. They have the best carts for kids! He loved driving the car and facing out, getting to see where we were going. Plus they have tons of samples, so he worked on a fresh tortilla for awhile.
Of course, he was giving out some "cheeses"...he was having such a good time. :)
That same evening, my parents went to Pilates...Cole was still napping when they left, so I didn't go. But he woke up shortly and we went for a short visit to a park. It was so humid (big surprise...Texas in the summer), so we didn't stay too long. Can't you tell from our matching red cheeks?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cole's Vacation

Since we have been in Houston, I thought I would give an idea of how Cole has spent his time. Playing with glasses, playing the piano, going up and down the stairs to visit Papa, and playing in the pool. It's the life!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Flying to Houston

Cole and I flew by ourselves(!) to Houston on Monday afternoon. We haven't flown with Cole since he's been walking so I wasn't sure how it was going to go, but fingers crossed it was only about an hour flight. We got to the airport and our flight was delayed, of course, but it all worked out. We got moved to the next flight that was going to leave before our flight anyways, the gate agent gave Tony a pass so he could come back with us while we waited, and we got our own 2 seats when we only paid for one since Cole can be a lap child. The stars aligned for us! I was pumped that Tony came back with us the most. He helped through security and helped chase Cole around the airport.

Cole did great on the flight. He was up and down in his seat. We read books, played with cars, put the tray up and down, and played peek-a-boo with the little girl behind us. Oh, and the highlight was changing a poopy diaper in a small plane bathroom! Ha! It actually had a drop down baby changer, but Cole's legs and feet were on the sink! What a sight!

We are having a great time in Houston so far. More pics to come soon!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stacy Wins Again!!

Well, I slacked a little this week on blogging and realized I didn't mention Stacy's big news! She got her 3rd win on tour last weekend!!! She won the ShopRite LPGA Classic by 4 shots! She was leading by as much as 8 shots at one point. So crazy how well she's's really cool to see her at the top of the leaderboard and seeing the pay off of all her hard work. This win put her at #3 on the Rolex World Rankings (up from #7), and earned her the top American spot on the list! She's having a great year so far! She's playing the final round of the Wegmans LPGA Championship (a major) today. She's 2 shots off the lead, so we will definitely be watching her finish today. Live scoring can be found here if you are interested.

Say "Cheese!"

Cole is on a "cheese" kick right now. He's figured out how to say "cheese" and give us a crazy big smile at the same time. He scrunches his nose, tips his head up, and shows all his teeth! Pictures don't do it's the funniest thing in person! We love it! I should try to get a video of it sometime. The first picture is doing the "cheese" in Target and the other is the two of us practicing last night (while Daddy was cooking dinner - oops! Probably should have been helping!).

Pony Ride

Yesterday we went to a 1st birthday party for Cale! His mommy & daddy are Seth & Karen. Seth was a groomsman in our wedding and a good friend of Tony's since they were kids growing up in B'ville. Cale's party was out at the equestrian place where Karen trains horses and teaches lessons. Cole had a good time running around the Pony Park and opening up all the coolers and taking the ice out of them and playing with the balloons. He interacted a little bit with the other kids, but most of them were older or younger than him. Cole did get to ride his first pony though! He wanted to get right on and petted the pony and everything. He even got to take two trips around the circle!
Tony also took a short video of the occasion The party was pretty much right during Cole's normal nap time, so we skipped the nap and he slept in the car on the way home. He really did fine until last night. It all caught up to him and we paid the price. It was worth it though! We don't do that to him very often, and it was important that we go celebrate with our friends. :)

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