Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

My parents came for a visit this weekend! They started their drive on Thursday after work, stayed the night in Dallas, and got here on Friday morning. They picked up Cole from the babysitter and got some lunch and brought it up to my school to have lunch with me! My students finally got to meet the little man. It was really cute...all the girls were out in the hall watching him run up and down. They were all knelt down and had a little half circle going around him at one point. He was the center of attention! He actually started acting a little shy. I think he wasn't sure about all these new people! I loved having a good lunch with him and my parents too! Nana and Papa took Cole home where he immediately crashed for a nap. He slept for almost 3 hours! He was still asleep when I got home from school. My parents had a tough job babysitting!
Friday night we went to the Main Street Tavern, a new restaurant on Main St. in Broken Arrow. My parents had never been down there, and we hadn't eaten there before, so we were glad to check that out. The food was actually really good. Definitely someplace we would go back to. Here's a picture of Cole in between my parents before he got put in the highchair. I think he was pretty happy!
Saturday morning Tony and my Dad went and played golf. My Mom and I took Cole on a run since my Mom is getting ready for that marathon! Everyone rested, showered, had lunch, etc. while Cole napped. Once he got up, we did a little shopping. All the guys got something...go figure! (My Mom and I are planning on doing some shopping when they come back in a few weeks.) We had dinner at The Brook, came home, let the little man play for a bit before getting him ready for bed, then we played some Phase 10. Dad won...he was 2 phases behind and came back and won...go figure!
We took a few pictures this morning. The weather has been so nice!
The little man got some big boy shoes yesterday when we went shopping. We went to Stride Rite where he got measured and everything. I'm in LOVE with these little shoes! They are so cute! He's walking really well in them, and I'm glad he has some with a hard bottom now that are good for all surfaces. But really...I care about how cute they look! :)
My parents left around noon today after having some lunch at Old School Bagel Cafe...a favorite around here! We were sad to see them leave, but we don't have to wait too long and they will be back over Memorial Day weekend!

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