Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

We had such a fun Memorial Day weekend! We had my parents and my cousin, Bryan, in town from Thursday to Monday. Here's a breakdown of what we did! Bryan flew in Thursday morning. This was my last day of school with kids, and Tony picked him up from the airport, they had lunch, went back to Tony's work for a bit, and left to hit balls in the afternoon. They wanted to get ready for their big weekend of golfing! We went to dinner that night at Hideaway...we actually went to the restaurant too! It's been awhile since we've done that. I had to go back to work on Friday to finish cleaning out my room and check out. While I was doing that, Tony, Bryan, and Cole picked up my parents from the airport and hung out for a bit until the guys went to go play their first round of golf for the weekend. They played at Forest Ridge, our neighborhood's course. It was super windy this past weekend, but they still had a good time. Friday evening we planned to go see the Tulsa Drillers baseball game. They play downtown, so we went out to eat at Back Alley Blues BBQ downtown before the game. I had never been to either of these things, so it was fun to do something different! Cole was giving me kisses at dinner...love that little man!
He was also having a good old time walking to the game with Pop Pop!
We were not quite sure how Cole was going to do at the baseball game since we've never taken him and the game started at 7:05. We knew we would be out past his normal bedtime. He pretty much wanted to stand in front of our seats the entire time. He loved watching the mascots run and play around. He kept pointing and watching for them. We did take him away from the seats to let him run wild, but it was really tricky to keep track of him and to keep him from running into people! So luckily, he did pretty well at our seats.
We made it to the 7th inning! Friday nights they do fireworks, so we missed that, but we were really happy with how long we were able to stay at the game. We can't wait to go back again!
The absolute highlight was my Dad got a foul ball for Cole! The ball actually hit someone (they were fine), and bounced all around a bunch of other people, off the wall next to our seats, and right in front of us. So my Dad grabbed it up and gave it to Cole who immediately threw it! So we got a fun little souvenir from his first baseball game ever!
Saturday we had more plans. The guys went for another round of golf, this time at Emerald Falls, another course not too far from our house. My Mom, Cole, and I went to pick blueberries! I've been wanting to do this since we've moved, but never had anyone to go with me and Cole was so little last year. It was warm and windy, but we headed out to Thunderbird Farms just a few miles from our house. We spent about an hour and picked 2 1/2 pounds of berries. Cole did really well and had so much fun running up and down the rows of bushes. He also loved eating the berries off the bushes and out of his bucket. He didn't contribute much to the 2 1/2 pounds we took home!
I will definitely go back with him by myself if I have to now that I know what I'm doing. My Mom usually goes berry picking, so she showed me the ropes. I got some super cute pictures while we were out there too. :)
Later in the afternoon on Saturday, once the guys got home from golf, my Mom and I were able to do some shopping at the mall for a few hours. So much fun since I don't get to do that very often anymore. We got some good summer clothes and some great deals since everywhere was having Memorial Day sales. We came home for a cook-out where the guys (Tony & Bryan) were doing the grilling. I hope Bryan taught Tony a few things...he's really good on the grill. Tony is a great cook though too - so I'm not complaining!
Sunday was more golf for the guys. This time they drove over to Fayetteville, AR to play at the Blessings. This is the course where the Arkansas golf team practices. The guys really enjoyed this different style of course. I think it was a lot more difficult, but they thought it was really cool. They had some funny stories of shots that didn't quite go the way they wanted them to out there.
My Mom, Cole, and I hit up one of her favorite places in Tulsa...Old School Bagel for lunch! Then we did some more shopping at Utica Square. HAVE to go to Anthropologie, you know!
On our way back, we stopped at Wal-Mart to get the little man a pool for the summer. That was a hit, of course! He was in and out of that pool and splashing all around. We will definitely be spending some time in the pool. Cole even knows how to say "pool" and says "ya" when you ask if he wants to go swimming.
We wrapped up the weekend with some more good eats: Chuy's take-out for dinner, egg casserole a la Tony for breakfast, Top That Pizza for lunch before everyone started getting ready to leave. So that is how we spent our holiday weekend! It seems like we did a lot, and we did, but there were good relaxing times in there too! We loved having family here, and are excited to see them all soon!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Brushy Brushy!

We got Cole started with a little toothbrush last week. He likes to go in the bathroom and stand on his stool and pretend brush or play with the brush and the water. He's even figured out how to stand up on the stool by himself. Such a big boy!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

World Traveler

Cole is finally becoming a real Wysocki...he is applying for a passport! We are taking a family trip to Grand Cayman this summer for his first trip out of the country. We decided not to be too ambitious and go to Europe or something like that. Plus very expensive to fly in the summer months. We are going in July for 5 days and we can't wait for a time to relax together.

Here is his mug shot for the passport. That was an adventure in itself getting him to stay still at Walgreens. We ended up sitting him on 3 DVD boxes so he would be still and in front of the screen. He also owned the store while we were waiting. He was behind the photo counter checking out the machines, running up and down the aisles, playing with toys and bags of sunflower seeds and bottles of coconut water. Crazy man!

Friday, May 18, 2012

First Haircut

Cole got his first real haircut yesterday! He was looking a little shaggy. So we decided it was time. We went to Kuts 4 Kids in south Tulsa. It took probably five minutes for the guy to cut his hair. He went so quick which I guess is a necessity for little ones. Cole did so good. He had his little snack pouch and sat nice and still. He looks like such a big boy now!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fun at the Park

Pretty much going to the park a few times a week with this nice weather. We took some cute pics of Cole tonight. It's been a nice, relaxing Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Weekend

My parents came for a visit this weekend! They started their drive on Thursday after work, stayed the night in Dallas, and got here on Friday morning. They picked up Cole from the babysitter and got some lunch and brought it up to my school to have lunch with me! My students finally got to meet the little man. It was really cute...all the girls were out in the hall watching him run up and down. They were all knelt down and had a little half circle going around him at one point. He was the center of attention! He actually started acting a little shy. I think he wasn't sure about all these new people! I loved having a good lunch with him and my parents too! Nana and Papa took Cole home where he immediately crashed for a nap. He slept for almost 3 hours! He was still asleep when I got home from school. My parents had a tough job babysitting!
Friday night we went to the Main Street Tavern, a new restaurant on Main St. in Broken Arrow. My parents had never been down there, and we hadn't eaten there before, so we were glad to check that out. The food was actually really good. Definitely someplace we would go back to. Here's a picture of Cole in between my parents before he got put in the highchair. I think he was pretty happy!
Saturday morning Tony and my Dad went and played golf. My Mom and I took Cole on a run since my Mom is getting ready for that marathon! Everyone rested, showered, had lunch, etc. while Cole napped. Once he got up, we did a little shopping. All the guys got something...go figure! (My Mom and I are planning on doing some shopping when they come back in a few weeks.) We had dinner at The Brook, came home, let the little man play for a bit before getting him ready for bed, then we played some Phase 10. Dad won...he was 2 phases behind and came back and won...go figure!
We took a few pictures this morning. The weather has been so nice!
The little man got some big boy shoes yesterday when we went shopping. We went to Stride Rite where he got measured and everything. I'm in LOVE with these little shoes! They are so cute! He's walking really well in them, and I'm glad he has some with a hard bottom now that are good for all surfaces. But really...I care about how cute they look! :)
My parents left around noon today after having some lunch at Old School Bagel Cafe...a favorite around here! We were sad to see them leave, but we don't have to wait too long and they will be back over Memorial Day weekend!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cole's New Toy

The little man got a new toy this week, a shopping cart! His babysitter has one that he loves playing with. He has had several meltdowns when I take him away from it to go home. Like the biggest meltdowns I have ever seen from him! So we decided he needed one for home too. He pushes it around and pits random things in it.

These are from his first time playing with it at home and what he decided needed to be in the basket.

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