Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Marathon #3

It's done. We are registered for our third marathon, second for the year! We are going to do the Chicago Marathon in October.
My Mom convinced us to go for it. She and Stacy went to Africa with the charity Golf Fore Africa, and they have a team running the marathon this year. Hopefully my Mom will make it through training injury free and she can finally check off running a marathon. Stacy is going to be at a tournament, so she got out of running.
We will be trying to raise some money for Golf Fore Africa in the near future...so get ready to open that wallet! :) We are not sure how training will work this time around since we'll have to start in the hottest summer months. We will get the miles in somehow though. Tony already said he's going to run this one with me. That will make it different and fun AND we'll be running in a huge crowd and great scenery!

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