Sunday, April 22, 2012

13 Months & April Update

Cole turned 13 months this past week! He has gotten very good at walking in the past month. He hardly crawls anywhere and is able to stand up on his own wherever he is, even away from furniture or us to help him. He LOVES playing outside and cruises around the backyard checking things out. We are so glad that we added on to our patio so we can sit out there and watch him and he has plenty of space. We've been going to our neighborhood park quite a bit too since the weather has been so nice. .
Another thing Cole is getting into is talking. He babbles all the time and acts like he's really serious about what he's saying. He's said Mama, Dada, and baby already, but now he says Bob, Uh-oh, Cheese, Pop-pop, B -for anything that starts with a B, Tonya - his babysitter, and really has started to try repeating words that we say to him. He also points at things that he wants or sees. We also hit a big milestonestone this weekend, and Cole hasn't used a bottle all weekend...only sippy cups for his milk! Here are some pictures from the past month: A little girl at Cole's daycare, had a birthday and brought hats for everyone to celebrate. Tony loves this pic because Cole's acting like he could care less. I promise he really was excited to put it on!
He got some flip flops to get ready for summer.
He has fun getting the mops out and pushing them around and trying to pick them up. He has to move the trash can and go back in the corner to even get these things out!
Cole loves this spot these days! He climbs up in his chair and can look out the window to see what's going on outside. Yesterday, he was waiting for Daddy to come back from running when I took these ones.
Tony and I have not been up to very much in the past few weeks besides working and taking care of the little man. Tony's parents were in town for a few days, so Tony and I were able to get a date night out to dinner and to his brother's play at TU (Univ. of Tulsa). Last weekend, we also had brunch with them after church on Sunday. On Saturday last weekend, we also went down to the Cherry Street Farmer's market...had breakfast and got a few things we used to make dinner last weekend. The weather was perfect and a nice way to spend the morning. We've been more low-key this weekend. Getting in our longer runs and actually took a nap yesterday afternoon - when does that ever happen? We will have some posts coming up about our summer plans! It's starting to look like it's going to be a fun one with some travel, of course!

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