Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Other Weekend Happenings

Here are some other pictures from this past weekend. I mentioned before that my sister, Janet, was here. It was a complete surprise! We didn't know she was going to be here until I came home from school on Friday. My Mom was in the backyard, so I went out there, and when I was talking to her, Janet popped out from the side of the house! I was so excited to see her! They had been planning it for awhile and everyone kept the secret!

Cole had lots of fun playing with Aunt Janie. She was his walking buddy.
On Sunday we slept in, went for a run, and by the time everyone got ready, we decided to do a late lunch somewhere that we hadn't taken my parents before. We decided to go to McNellie's Pub in downtown Tulsa. They have good burgers, sandwiches, and sweet potato fries! Cole did really well and played with his toys and ate a few Cheerios. It was inbetween his meal times, and I was pretty impressed with how well he did. After lunch we went to Utica Square and did a little shopping and walking around before coming back to the house for a bit before it was time to say goodbye.

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