Friday, March 2, 2012

Marathon Week

It's the week of our 2nd Marathon!

And it's been a little crazy. I spent last weekend trying to get the house cleaned because I was NOT going to do it over my birthday weekend! Then the week started off with a professional development for me, so I had a sub. If you are a teacher, you know that means more work that it's worth sometimes. But it's always nice to be with colleages for a day learning something new. Anyways, Monday flew by with that, and I've also started tutoring two days a week after school. So that makes my day a little longer. Monday, Cole actually went with me to one of my old student's house for tutoring. He did great and it went really smoothly. We got home, squeezed in a run before the nightly routine,and the day was over. Tuesday was the same, except an actual day of teaching and more tutoring. Then Tuesday was over! Wednesday, went to work, ran a quick 3 miles before picking Cole up at the sitters, went home for a bit, went to pilates, came home and the day was over! All of this while trying to pack to leave on Thursday right after a half day of work. But we actually made it, and I made it to work on time on Thursday. It was a miracle and a really busy three days for me.

Our running last weekend and this week has been pretty light. We did 10 miles on Saturday and 6 (or 8 for Tony) on Sunday. The weekdays have been slower and fewer miles. We haven't had any ice cream for dessert this week either! And Tony hasn't had any sodas. I've still had a little bit. Other than that, we haven't really done anything different.

Our drive to The Woodlands yesterday afternoon/evening went pretty well. We did two quick stops and breaks for all involved. The last little bit was trying because we were stopped for almost 30 minutes on the highway just when we were ready to be there already. We made it though and were able to get Cole in bed at a decent time too.

Since we have been here Cole has had two favorite things already. Playing the piano and climbing the stairs. Both of which we don't have at our house...good thing!
Today's agenda includes going to get our race packets at the race expo, having some lunch with my mom, and maybe running a few other errands. We want to take it pretty easy though. We'll be getting up super early tomorrow for the 6:45 am start. Luckily, no busses or point to point course to worry about this time!

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