Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Tony!

Today is the other man of our house's birthday - Tony's! We are going on a date out to dinner tonight and going to check out Waterfront Grill. Tony's Mom is in town and is going to babysit Cole and get him ready for bed tonight. Tony also is getting taken out to lunch by his Mom. I know that'll be really nice for them since they don't really get to spend much time together.
The rest of this week revolves around getting our house ready for COLE'S 1ST BIRTHDAY! We are having a party on Saturday. His actual birthday is on Sunday though. My parents are coming in town on Thursday night. So it will be a busy, but fun weekend. Luckily Spring Break is next week to give us some recovery time!

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Gina and Michael said...

Happy Birthday Tony! Back to the important stuff...Cole is about to be 1??? When did that happen! ;-) Very exciting! Can't wait to see the pictures from his party! Enjoy all the preparations!

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