Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Man!

We spent yesterday recovering from our first birthday party, and I didn't make it to post anything about Cole's birthday on the actual day. It was such a special day and weekend! My youngest sister, Janet, even surprised us by coming in town for his birthday! This will be Post #1 about his actual party that we had on Saturday afternoon.

We had almost 30 people over, including some other kids. Some older than Cole, and some a few months younger. It was fun to see them interacting and playing together.

Here are the decorations that we did around the house:
We had sandwiches (from Jimmy Johns), chips & dips (from Chuy's), fruit & veggies, and cupcakes (from Merritt's)for dessert. We had plenty of food and drinks left over! We've been eating it since Saturday...haha. The bigger cake with the #1 on it was Cole's smash cake.
Janet made some balloons to hang in the back. We recently did some things to the back patio - extended the deck, a stone fireplace, tv, so we wanted people to go out there. Unfortunately, it was really windy and only the guys went out there for a bit.
The smash cake was the highlight of the party. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Cole and we blew out his candle for him - right before he tried to grab it when it was lit! Then we let him have at it. He wasn't too sure about it at first. He didn't seem to like having all the frosting on his hands, but the Tony and my Mom smashed his hand in it, and it was over from there. He eventually just started pounding his hand on it and the frosting was everywhere! Here are a few pics. We took a million, so I'll try to keep it short!
After everyone left, we had some time with our families. I opened Cole's presents for him. He was on overload with all the new toys to play with. We've never seen him so all over the place! Here are a few pics from the "after party":
We had such a great time celebrating his birthday and being able to visit with all of our friends here in Tulsa and our families who traveled to be here this weekend!

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