Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kansas City Trip

We wanted to take a little family trip over Spring Break week. We decided on Kansas City since I had never been, Tony hadn't been in a long time, and it was a 3.5 hour drive for us. Most importantly, they have a zoo with polar bears (Tony's fav), and Trader Joe's!

We left around 9 am on Thursday morning and got to KC around lunch time. We checked into our hotel...a Homewood Suites since it has separate rooms - a bonus with a baby and got something quick to eat. Cole was big time on this trip and got his meals ordered for him at restaurants!
We went to to zoo first and had about 2.5 hours there to see the different animals and exhibits. It was plenty of time for us. The highlight was the polar bear without a doubt. We were so lucky with our timing because right when we walked up he was doing flips off the wall, swimming up on shore, diving back in and doing it all over again. He was swimming right by us! I took a ton of pictures, so these are just a few. I think Cole was actually into watching the polar bear too. After about 10 minutes of doing flips, the polar bear got out of the water and went inside! If we had been any later we wouldn't have seen him at all! The KC Zoo exhibit is similar to the one at the San Diego Zoo, but not as many people so you can actually get right up to the glass and watch.
This is one of my new favorite pictures of Cole :)
And then he wanted to walk out of there himself!
The rest of the zoo was ok. They had a bunch of petting areas and a large playgroud for kids a little older than Cole. So we were able to by pass all that and get through the rest of the zoo pretty quickly. Some areas were kind of old too.

Daddy and Cole pics
We enjoyed seeing kangaroos in Australia!
We did a lot of walking, Cole did a lot of riding and sleeping!
After we left the zoo, it was snack time for the little guy. The Cheerios were a hit as always, but the fun was in digging handfulls of them out of the container! We were cracking up at hime which only egged him on even more, I think.
As we were finishing snack, it started raining again! Another lucky moment for us. We were so glad we were by the car and out of the zoo at this point. We were off to Trader Joe's to stock up on some necessities. We left with 5 different kinds of hummus, pita chips, granola bars, chocolate toffee popcorn, pizza dough, beer, chips, and more! It was a successful trip! We've been eating good that's for sure!

We stopped back at the hotel for a bit and realized it was time to figure out what we wanted to do for dinner. We wanted to go to Oklahoma Joe's BBQ, faught traffic and the rain to get there, only to find out that the line was super long and not moving. Change of plans! We had passed a place called Spin! Neopolitan Pizza and decided to go there instead. Wow! Was that a good decision! We over-ordered, of course, and got a pizza each and a flat bread & dips appetizer. Cole got his own cheese pizza too. It was so delicious! We didn't want to stop eating! Good thing we had left-overs that we brought home and had for lunch this weekend. :)

Friday we slept in as long as Cole would let us, had breakfast at the hotel and got ourselves ready to go. We had to take extra time to get all of our treasures from Trader Joe's well iced for our drive home!

We visited a Home Decorators store and have our eye on a few things we'd love to get from there and stopped at a Tile Shop because we have dreams of doing tile in our showers. Then we went up to downtown Kansas City (much bigger than I expected), and walked around the City Market.

Not a TON to see there, but a neat place. They had a bunch of produce and little restaurants. Not really any shops worth going to. The area felt really old and unique to the city. We had lunch at a burrito place and picked up some freshly made naan bread - which has been amazing with our hummus from TJ's. :)

That wrapped up our sightseeing in Kansas City since we had to drive back that afternoon and didn't want to get back too late for the little man. We realized it was our first little trip with just us three! Every other time we've gone somewhere, we've met up with our family. So that was a neat experience for us. Plus, we feel like it's important to get outside what we think are the easiest things to do with Cole (aka stay at home), and do new, fun adventures with him in tow!

Beautiful Weekend Weather

This week has been my Spring Break. We spent the first half of the week getting rained on for 3 days straight. That never happens here! It was getting pretty depressing. We went to Kansas City on Thursday & Friday (more to come on that), and returned for a weekend of sunshine!

While Tony was out doing his 10 miler (I had already finished mine!), I took Cole down to the swings for some time outside. He loves playing outside and riding on the swing. We even venured out into the grass since he's walking now and went down about half of the slide!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Videos Of Cole In Action

12 Months!

Our little dude is 12 Months old! We had his birthday party a day early since it fell on a Sunday this year. It was really crazy to think back to the days leading up to the day he was born last year and the days following. We remember them like it was yesterday and here we are a full year later! Most of the time, I don't remember exactly what I was doing on a certain day the previous year! But this was an exception that's for sure!
This is the last of Cole's monthly stickers...sad. :( I'm sure I will keep posting about what he's doing each month or at least every few months, but no more stickers.
Let's start with the most important milestone that happened this month...Cole is WALKING! A few weeks ago, he started taking a few steps in between furniture, but now he's actually walking across rooms and even farther. In just a few days he started getting more adventurous, breaking away from the furniture for a few steps, and those few steps turned into 5 or 6, and just kept going from there. He even gets mad at you if you start walking faster than him. He wants to keep up! He still needs something to pull up on to get him started, but I don't think that will last too much longer.
I LOVE seeing him walk. I don't get tired of it at all. He's started walking into our arms or at our legs with a big smile on his face to give you a hug. It's adorable! He just surprises me sometimes when he comes walking into the room or is walking to come find one of us. We are experiencing the fact that he wants to be down and exploring and is not a fan of us holding him a lot of the time. Or he wants up, then down, up, then down!
We go to the doctor on Wednesday of next week, so I'm not sure of his actual height and weight stats. We haven't even tried to measure at home! But he's wearing 12-18 month clothes, just a little big, right now. Size 4 diapers are getting a little snug.
He is so active right now! From the time we get done with his meal until the time he goes down for a's playtime! He got so many new toys for his birthday. He has some new favorites and some old standbys. He still loves walking his red car around. That entertains him for half an hour sometimes. He loves any little cars that he can push around too. Books are also a favorite. Taking them off the shelf, flipping the pages, then getting another one. He got some cool new musical toys that he loves...a piano with a microphone, a xylophone, helicopter that plays music when the balls drop through it. He also likes to throw balls back and forth with you. He's starting to enjoy being outside to play and even walked in the grass with my sister. I think the crunchy, dead grass scared him for awhile, but it's turning green and softer now. He still loves going to the swings and taking walks or runs in the stroller.
The many faces of Cole:
His schedule has been the same for the past few months and he continues to do really well at his babysitter's during the week. He even likes it when I'm a little later picking him up so he has more time to play after nap and snack times.
He's also doing really well with eating. However, he's starting to show preferences for certain foods and throws food on the floor when he doesn't like it or when he's done eating...yikes! Need to work on that one! He doesn't eat any baby food, just different solid foods and with turning a year, we've started in introduce regular whole milk over the last few days. That has been interesting and a complete experiment on my part. The weaning process has not been as simple as it sounds! This week, we are down to nursing in the morning and at night and working on taking a bottle from me and transitioning to whole milk during the day. I think it's pretty much rocking his word right now! He's been pretty clingy to me. It's just a lot of change for him, but we will get there. He's not a fan of the sippy cup for milk yet either, but will drink water from it.
Cole's talking also cracks us up! He's starting saying a few things that actually sound like words that he's meaning to say. Baby was his first word, but now he also says baby-ah, mama, da da, bye, ah (for hi when the phone rings). He also has a book where all the animals are named Bob, and he's said Bob more than once when he's looking at the book. So I think that counts too. He makes some funny noises that he repeats...I don't know how to write it, but it sounds like beelah, beelah and deedle, deedle. :)
We just can't believe we are the parents of a toddler now! It goes by so quickly and he has changed so much in a year! We are so lucky to have a healthy, happy little guy that we just love more and more each day...if that's even possible!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Other Weekend Happenings

Here are some other pictures from this past weekend. I mentioned before that my sister, Janet, was here. It was a complete surprise! We didn't know she was going to be here until I came home from school on Friday. My Mom was in the backyard, so I went out there, and when I was talking to her, Janet popped out from the side of the house! I was so excited to see her! They had been planning it for awhile and everyone kept the secret!

Cole had lots of fun playing with Aunt Janie. She was his walking buddy.
On Sunday we slept in, went for a run, and by the time everyone got ready, we decided to do a late lunch somewhere that we hadn't taken my parents before. We decided to go to McNellie's Pub in downtown Tulsa. They have good burgers, sandwiches, and sweet potato fries! Cole did really well and played with his toys and ate a few Cheerios. It was inbetween his meal times, and I was pretty impressed with how well he did. After lunch we went to Utica Square and did a little shopping and walking around before coming back to the house for a bit before it was time to say goodbye.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Man!

We spent yesterday recovering from our first birthday party, and I didn't make it to post anything about Cole's birthday on the actual day. It was such a special day and weekend! My youngest sister, Janet, even surprised us by coming in town for his birthday! This will be Post #1 about his actual party that we had on Saturday afternoon.

We had almost 30 people over, including some other kids. Some older than Cole, and some a few months younger. It was fun to see them interacting and playing together.

Here are the decorations that we did around the house:
We had sandwiches (from Jimmy Johns), chips & dips (from Chuy's), fruit & veggies, and cupcakes (from Merritt's)for dessert. We had plenty of food and drinks left over! We've been eating it since Saturday...haha. The bigger cake with the #1 on it was Cole's smash cake.
Janet made some balloons to hang in the back. We recently did some things to the back patio - extended the deck, a stone fireplace, tv, so we wanted people to go out there. Unfortunately, it was really windy and only the guys went out there for a bit.
The smash cake was the highlight of the party. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Cole and we blew out his candle for him - right before he tried to grab it when it was lit! Then we let him have at it. He wasn't too sure about it at first. He didn't seem to like having all the frosting on his hands, but the Tony and my Mom smashed his hand in it, and it was over from there. He eventually just started pounding his hand on it and the frosting was everywhere! Here are a few pics. We took a million, so I'll try to keep it short!
After everyone left, we had some time with our families. I opened Cole's presents for him. He was on overload with all the new toys to play with. We've never seen him so all over the place! Here are a few pics from the "after party":
We had such a great time celebrating his birthday and being able to visit with all of our friends here in Tulsa and our families who traveled to be here this weekend!

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