Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nana and Pop Pop's Visit

My parents came for a visit this weekend! Yay!

The end of the week didn't go so well for the Cole-man. He came home from the babysitter's with a fever on Wednesday afternoon. I called the pediatrician's office and made an appointment as soon as we could on Thursday and took Thursday and Friday off of work. The poor little guy had the fever Thursday and Friday. We found out at the doctor's visit that he had a sinus infection and a virus which was giving him a sore throat. The days he had the fever we were doing Ibuprofen every 6 hours, and we started an antibiotic for the sinus infection. He has been SO active lately, it was a drastic difference. He was the worst off in the mornings when he woke up and the medicine for his fever had worn off. He didn't even want to move. He just sat or laid on me and slept. It was so sad. Luckily Friday evening he started to perk up a little bit and woke up Saturday with no fever and hasn't had one since! The antibiotics are helping the congestion, but it's not completely gone yet. I was worried he wouldn't be feeling very well for my parents' visit, but it turned out ok.

My parents' came in Friday night (later than expected...thanks Continental and storms!), but we still got some good Hideaway Pizza for dinner and visited for a little bit before going to bed.

Saturday, Tony and I took advantage of grandparent babysitters and did our 22 mile run for our marathon training. It took us a little over 3 hours, but we made it and felt pretty good about it and that we actually made it that far! We also celebrated my Mom's birthday with a cake, presents, and dinner at Charlestons. Yummy!

Here are some pics of Cole helping Nana open her presents:
Before dinner we did a few errands and stopped by BuyBuyBaby because my parents' wanted to get Cole a Valentine's present. :) They picked out this cute Radio Flyer car. Cole's legs don't reach the ground on it yet, but he likes to be pushed around in it and to walk behind it or push it around himself.
Cole also did great at dinner that night. We haven't taken him out in awhile, but it was really a lot better now that he can eat finger foods. He entertained himself with that for most of the meal.

Pop Pop gave Cole his bath Saturday night too. Cole loves splashing and playing with the toys in his bath and Pop Pop didn't disappoint! They had a lot of fun together.
Today we had half a day before taking my parents to the airport, so we hung around the house in the morning until Cole woke up from his unusually long morning nap. We had lunch at another favorite, Old School Bagel, and did some shopping/walking around Utica Square. We were sad to have to take them to go back home, but we know it's only a few more weeks until we head to The Woodlands for another visit!

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