Sunday, February 19, 2012

11 Months

I cannot believe we are one short month away from Cole's first birthday! Our usual picture spots are not working out anymore. Cole needs some activity to be doing during these monthly pictures and even then it's hard to keep him still enough to get a good one. He's also into trying to pull the sticker off his shirt!
This last month went by really quickly in my opinion! Our little man is getting so big!
Cole's activities haven't changed much since last month, but he has gotten very good at walking while holding onto something and can transfer from one place to the next. He will also stand for a few seconds (45 seconds has been the longest...we counted!) before falling back down. So his balance is getting a little bit better. He can also push his big red car and walk behind it, as well as some other toys that will move along the carpet or tile.
Cole does lots of chattering and laughing. The newest thing is scrunching his nose when he smiles and making kissy lips. He will also lean in to give us a kiss when we ask for one. For as much as he is on the go, he's starting to have little moments of down time where he likes to cuddle before he's off again!
He had his first real sickness this past month with three days of fever and we are on our second round of antibiotics trying to get rid of his congestion. He has his first ear infection when we went back for a follow up appointment.
Clothes are still 12-18 month size and diapers still size 4. We aren't really close to switching out of either one of those. Food and schedules are all the same as last month too. We are starting to be a little more adventurous with his foods and letting him try more of the foods we are eating.

This picture cracks me up with his wild hair and smile so big from laughing! :)
Cole also loves to play and read books...obviously we do the reading. He's started to turn the pages for us though. It's pretty amazing how much he's starting to be able to understand and follow when we are talking to him now.
Our next monthly post will be for ONE YEAR!!!

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