Thursday, January 5, 2012

Texas Post #4 - Best Friends

Wednesday was our busy day of seeing friends and driving around town, but we were SO happy to do it! Our first stop in the morning was my friend Alyssa's house. She and her husband and NEW BABY(!!) live in downtown Houston. We drove down to see them since little Grant in only a few weeks old. He is such a cute little guy, so calm and snuggly. He just slept in Tony's arms for part of the time. Cole was all over the place of course! It was fun to see how 9 months during this first year makes such a huge difference. In the future, it'll seem like nothing. I hope these boys become friends even if we don't live near each other anymore. Dave and Alyssa are doing such a great job adjusting to parenthood. They even had Dave's family staying with them for a week.

Wednesday evening we went over to my other friend, Sarah's house. She's married to Mike and has 3 kids. Sarah also had a baby this year in July. (Side note: Cole was trying to give little Evie kisses - yikes!) Our other friend Kristina was also in town from Boston! So we had a great dinner kids and all and chatted and watched the kids play for a few hours. We even got a picture of the kids, minus Evie who was sleeping, in front of the Christmas tree. They all got some fun gifts from Auntie K too. This was also Kristina's first time to get to meet Cole, so that was really cool too. I forgot to get a picture of them though!

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