Thursday, January 26, 2012

10 Months Old!

I'm a little behind on the 10 month post (18th was the day). We have picked up our running on the weekend and I'm pretty much worthless at blogging during the week unless its a short post. Anyways, enough's the update on the little man.
10 Months has brought us until a whole new baby experience with the little man. He has become so much more mobile and eventhough he his not walking, he is a fast crawler and can pull up on everything...and I mean everything! We spend the evenings chasing him around the house and telling him "No". Things Cole loves to do and is not supposed to do: stick his hand IN the toilet, push the on/off button on the TV so it makes noise, push the buttons on the cable boxes, slide open the media stand doors so he can get to the cable box, pull things out of outlets, and grab things in general that he shouldn't be. Maybe we should "baby proof" more, but you can't take away everything that they get into. It's just not possible.
On the plus side, it's really cool to see him exploring and checking things out. He remembers where things are and will go back to places and toys that he likes. He definitely has a sense of what he wants and doesn't want. We even get a little tantrum when we tell him "No". It's funny though because he starts crying and wants you to hold him and make him feel better after you were the one who made him mad in the first place.
We went to the doctor in between 9 and 10 months and he was 22 pounds and 31 inches long. He's dropped down into the 40th percentiles for weight but continues to be in the 90th for his height. He's wearing 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.
His eating has been going really well for the most part. He eats very little baby food anymore and mostly finger foods. Some of his favorites are pita bread and hummus, bananas, zucchini, applesauce, pasta, and cereals. He is starting to have more food preferences and will not eat or get mad when we give him something he doesn't like. We are starting to work more on using a sippy cup since we are getting closer to finishing up breastfeeding. He doesn't take to it right away, but will show a little interest. So that's something we are working on for the next transition.
Cole has 4 teeth now, two of which are still coming in. We went through a rough patch with teething and not sleeping and being fussy, but it's been better this week. We are learning what to look for and how to make him feel better, so next time it won't be as rough, we hope!
Daycare has also been going well. Coming back from Christmas break was tough, but he's back in his old (new) routine. He's taking an hour nap in the morning and two in the afternoon. He loves having the other kids around to watch and play with. I think he's bored at home now! We are so thankful to have a place that we like and that he enjoys. I never have a problem dropping him off in the mornings and he wants to keep playing when I pick him up.
Some of the things Cole does to make us smile:
-crawls with no clothes on from his room to the bathtub at night
-his little faces he makes when he's eating
-when he crawls over and sits at our feet with his arms out waiting for us to pick him up
-his laugh and what he laughs about
-stands up in is bed for us to come and get him
-starting to give kisses or will lean in for one
-will throw a ball back and forth (in his own way and not always in the right direction)
I could go on and on, but there's a few! We are often tested with our patience these days with all of his activity (I know this isn't going to go away for awhile), but the good things always outweigh the challenges. Now we need to start planning a 1st birthday party!!!

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