Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!

We have had a fun end to 2012! We had ambitious thoughts of going out to dinner as a family tonight, but the cold, rainy weather changed our minds. So instead we moved Cole to the table (for good - no more high chair!) and had chicken taco night. We are planning on watching Season 1 New Girl shows and probably not making it until midnight. We are so exciting around here!

I've kind of taken a blog vacation but will post about our trip to Texas for Christmas soon! Happy 2013!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Drive to Nina and Pop Pop's

We left around 8 on Friday morning to do our drive to The Woodlands for Christmas. We like to take the turnpike in OK to Hwy 19 in Texas that goes through a lot of small towns instead of going thru Dallas.

We stopped in Paris, TX, one of the cuter towns, for lunch at Subway. They have a cute downtown square that was decorated for Christmas. It was the perfect place to get out and stretch our legs for a little bit. The weather was great too.

We had about another 4 hours after lunch. Cole did a great job in the car, but he also got lots of snacks and iPad show watching done. :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

First Santa Visit

We actually took Cole to see Santa this year! We figured we didn't have an excuse because our neighborhood has Santa at the clubhouse of the golf course for 2 hours today.

It was great! They had donuts, coffee, water, and juice, tables all set up, and Santa with take your own pictures. Very kid friendly! And parent friendly too!

Cole had a little donut that he picked out and then we went up to Santa. Cole walked right up to him and sat on his lap. No tears! But he did just sit there. Haha. Santa got Cole to give him a high five AND a pound it! Then Cole got to pick out a little present and he picked a snowman puzzle. It was super cute and we are so glad we went!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Our Celebrity

Our little Stacy had an unbelievable year on tour this much so that the won the LPGA Player of the Year (based on points throughout the season) and she won a car! They had a really cool awards ceremony, part of which was shown on TV last week, where part of her speech was shown. My Dad got a DVD of the entire speech, so we got to see that over Thanksgiving too. I have to say it was even cooler to see it in context of the awards ceremony. It seemed like a much bigger deal than just watching her part. I almost couldn't believe that was my little sister up there!
Since we couldn't be there for it, we wanted to do something to celebrate too. In true Lewis fashion, we got her a cookie cake!
Stacy didn't have to get dressed up at all for us! :)

Christmas Tree

The other family outing we took over Thanksgiving was to pick out our Christmas tree. We've gone to the same tree farm in Owasso since we've moved here. They have already cut trees with the short needles and long needle ones you can go cut yourself. We like the look of the short needle ones and know what size we want, so it makes for a pretty quick trip. I always get a fresh wreath for the front door too.
Cole was kind of in a mood because he fell asleep in the car and we had to wake him up when we got there. So he kind of pouted and just wanted to do his own thing...randomly walk around and pet the dog. He wasn't up for taking any pictures with us, but we tried.
The rest of us had a nice time. The weather was great which is a plus because we've had some cold tree farm visits in the past.
Here's the finished tree with lights and ornaments!
Cole hung this ornament with his name on it...way down low where he can see it. We tried to get him to help and he wanted to, but the hook on the branch was a little tricky. We only broke 2 ornaments in the process. One to an accidental drop and one to a throw on purpose.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Sick Little Man

I left school early yesterday and stayed home today with Cole-man because he has some kind of stomach bug. It's all so lovely cleaning up diapers and throw up. I have done tons of laundry today!

I hope he starts feeling better soon because I know he doesn't feel good either. He would rather be doing his normal stuff and playing. Good thing it's the weekend and he can get over it this weekend at home with us.

Arkansas vs. LSU Football Game

One of the super fun things we did over Thanksgiving was go over to Fayetteville, AR for the Arkansas/LSU game. The game is usually held in Little Rock, but it was on campus this year which worked our really well. The reason we went was because Stacy was being honored by the university for a large donation she made to help the golf program build a new indoor practice facility.

We did a little tailgating (aka try to keep Cole entertained) with Stacy's college golf coach, her husband, and some of their friends.

We all walked into the athletic building/football facility before the game to get down onto the field. Stacy had to do a little interview before, so we got this cute picture of Cole chowing down on some strawberries while we were waiting.
The we got to walk through the indoor area where all the players were and walked out onto the field. We took a bunch of pictures while we were waiting for all the pre-game stuff to start.
Then it was Stacy's turn to get ready! What the university has done is honor donors by doing the "A Walk". The band forms a big A that the players run through, but before the players come through, Stacy got to walk through the A while they were announcing and talking about her.

This is what it looked like from above.
She also got the red jacket (complete with shoulder pads!) to wear during the walk. She was the first female to do this and only the 2nd athlete. It was pretty awesome to have an entire football stadium of people cheering for her. Even the LSU fans were cheering. We were so happy that we were able to be there to experience it with her.
I love this picture of the three of us (plus Cole)!
We were able to watch the first series of the game on the sidelines and stole a quick family pic before the game started.
We watched the rest of the game in the Chancellor's box on the 50 yard line. Not a bad way to watch a game! Especially when it was in the 40s that day. We were nice and warm with lots of food.
One of the highlights for Cole was touching the nose of the Hog mascot before the game. He has this thing where he says "nose" touches the nose and then says "beep". So we say he does the nose-beep. :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day was filled with lots of cooking and hanging out. Tony, Janet, and I were able to go for a run all bundled up because we got a pretty strong cold front on Thanksgiving Day. Janet wasn't used to that! Cole loved spending the day playing with his new truck and with everyone at the house. He got LOTS of attention!
Cole helped Nina set the table.
Watching Pop Pop cut the turkey & taste testing the turkey.
Everyone is ready to eat!
Cole wanted his own picture.
It was one of our best Thanksgiving dinners, I think. All the food turned out really good. We tried a brine from William Sonoma and it made the turkey really juicy. Definitely would do that again. We also had mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry orange relish, and 3 different pies (pumpkin, chocolate, and peanut butter). YUM!
Stacy didn't really cook anything, but she pulled her weight doing dishes! There were LOTS of them!
Mister Center of Attention in full effect. He had a hard time getting calmed down at night and always wanted to stay up and play with everyone. I can't blame him...we are fun! :)

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