Saturday, December 31, 2011

Texas Post #3 - Aunties & Baths with Pappa

Cole loves his Aunt Janie and Aunt Stacy!! It was fun to get to spend so many days with them and time that was quality and not rushed or busy. Aunt Janie showed Cole how to climb the stairs, and Cole loved Aunt Stacy's hats! Both of them are so great with him and just played and played most days. They also did some diaper changes too!

Tony and I were able to go out one night to dinner with no baby! Our friends Johnny and Katie came up to see us, meet Cole, and go to dinner. We went to Jasper's in Market Street. So good! My parents watched Cole and put him to bed that night. This started the streak of Pappa doing Cole's baths! They had so much fun that night. My Mom said Cole was cracking up at him, and they were splashing and having a good old time.

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